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100% NOT.

Brought to you by Simplot Foodservice, 100% NOT offers a range of delicious plant-based meat alternatives, exclusive to the foodservice industry, that deliver superior taste and texture.

Cater to your customers looking for plant-based options by using 100% NOT products and you won’t need to worry about creating brand new menu items.

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Saving the planet.

One plant-based meal at a time. 

At Simplot Foodservice, our mission is to contribute to feeding our world. The challenge is that by 2050 there will be 10 billion mouths to feed on the planet, and we believe plant-based proteins are going to be an essential part of solving this challenge in a sustainable way.

A product range designed for everyone.

The biggest consumers of plant-based options are in fact meat-eaters looking for a plant-based alternative option, which is why it’s now more important than ever that your menu can cater to requests for more plant-based dishes. 

Vegans and vegetarians will love our products too, but we believe the opportunity to really make a difference is to provide delicious plant-based alternatives for meat-eaters.

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Give customers the option to swap.

The plant-based trend is here to stay.  

It is unusual these days to have a large group where at least one of them is not looking to reduce their meat intake or are vegetarian or vegan.

Allow your customers the option to swap out traditional meat for 100% NOT on any appropriate menu item.

A plant-based alternative for every menu.

The 100% NOT range offers multiple plant-based alternatives like chicken and beef strips, mince, meatballs, schnitzel and a burger.

Swap out traditional protein for 100% NOT, for a easy and tasty plant-based menu offering!

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Looks like meat, tastes like meat, 100% NOT.

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