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Consistently juicy, sous vide meat.

Using the sous vide cooking method, Naturalaz consistently delivers tender, moist and succulent meat. Premium quality meat is cut to specification and vacuum sealed in oxygen proof bags, slow cooked in a water bath at a very precise temperature and then rapidly chilled. Chefs just need to unwrap, heat, brown and garnish to finish the dish.

Meaning ‘under vacuum’, sous vide is the process of vacuum sealing food in a bag and cooking in a water bath at a very precise temperature. Having exact control over heat provides consistency and produces perfectly, evenly cooked meat every single time. A result that can’t be achieved with any other cooking method. Product is supplied fully cooked (except the carvery range, which is 70% cooked), allowing chefs to minimise their labour and kitchen costs by using less gas, electricity and space. The sealed bags lock in all juices and flavours, retaining 100% of product with 10-12 weeks shelf life.

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