Packaging that doesn't cost the earth.

Trust the experts.

BioPak is sold in 36 countries and produces over 416 million pieces of foodservice packaging every month!

Compostable packaging isn’t just good for the future of the planet, it’s good for business too! They offer quality, sustainable products with unbeatable customer service.

Responsibly sourced and manufactured

Raw materials choice is a critical part of the circular economy. BioPak choose rapidly renewable, reclaimed, plant-based raw materials as alternatives to regular plastic for production at certified facilities.

Designed for the circular economy

BioPak believe that resources are grown to be reused and not wasted.

Certified Compostable

At BioPak, they support composting as the best solution for food packaging.

Certified B Corp

B Corp is how they demonstrate their commitment to their mission to make better packaging for the planet. They also donate 5% of profits to positive change.

Ahead of bans

They ensure everyone is prepared for any upcoming single use plastic bans across Australia.

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