NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and MILO celebrating 6 Aussie towns

Every community around our nation has a story to celebrate and the new, second iteration of the ‘Celebrate Community Spirit’ collection brings this to life. Just as the NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 story starts in the town of Gympie QLD, and MILO story in Smithtown NSW, this year we continue to celebrate the community spirit of 6 much-loved Aussie towns on limited-edition 1kg tins of NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and 1.9kg tins of MILO.

Which Aussie towns are featured?

NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and MILO are proud to support the people and communities of 6 iconic Aussie towns – Alice Springs, Boorowa, Mandurah, Charters Towers, Burnie and Geelong. Each town was handpicked as they each demonstrate individual examples of ongoing community and sporting spirit and what it means to be Australian.

From October 2022, each NESCAFÉ 1kg instant coffee tin and MILO 1.9kg choc-malt tin will feature an illustration of an event or a unique community story that brings people together – just like a cup of NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 or MILO does. The designs range from the iconic Boorowa Irish Woolfest, an AFLW match in Geelong, to the quirky Henley on Todd Regatta boat race in Alice Springs. The six illustrations represent the unique Australian community spirit and stories that fuel our nation.

How are we celebrating each town?

NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and MILO are proud to partner with Rotary in Australia to provide these six Australian communities with a $5,000 grant to invest in an important community initiative. NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and MILO have also gifted the selected Rotary Clubs with an allocation of limited-edition instant coffee tins featuring their town. These tins are to be used for the club to on-sell, or donate to the local community, with any profits retained by each club.

The initiative will build on the partnership between NESCAFÉ BLEND 43, MILO and Rotary in Australia and continue to celebrate and support the people and community spirit of Australia.

Why should NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 be celebrating Australia?

Enjoyed by Australian communities for over 80 years, NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 is crafted in Gympie, QLD. MILO has helped to fuel our nation since 1934 from Smithtown, NSW. Made by Aussies for Australian tastes, both brands are engrained in our community stories.

In the past 12 months, the Gympie factory has produced almost 2 billion cups of NESCAFÉ BLEND 43 and more than 360 million cups have been enjoyed by Aussie workers (in workplaces) across Australia.

Similarly, more than 40 million cups of MILO have been enjoyed by Aussies in workplaces across the nation.

Have you tried?

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