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While so much has changed in recent times, favoured food experiences will continue to evolve to delight travellers.

There’s nothing better than a deliciously prepared breakfast, whether on holiday or as a special start to the day. As we continue to find a new normal, the breakfast menu has been rewritten to make it easier for consumers and foodservice providers alike to enjoy these special moments in new and safe ways.

Hotel breakfast staple, the buffet, has long been the people pleaser, perfect for families (or picky eaters) and an easy option for big groups; a luxury for leisure guests or a grab-and-go solution for busy business travellers.

Traditionally, the hotel buffet helped hotels minimise demands placed on the kitchen during peak traffic times; usually while check out, cleaning and other vital tasks are taking place. In the process, the buffet evolved to not just an affordable way for guests to enjoy a variety of dishes, but create a unique experience that for some, has become the highlight of taking a holiday.

Today, keeping a close eye on current COVID-19 restrictions from Federal and State Governments is key, whilst maintaining hygiene and social distancing considerations takes even more capacity from an already stretched team. Creating positive experiences for guests must walk the tightrope, carefully balancing the many variables, ever changing demands and constant uncertainty that COVID restrictions have brought.

Gracefully, many venues have moved to à la carte menus (which are not without their own challenges), while others have designed new hybrid buffet experiences to offer the best of both worlds.

Some kitchens are creating their own signature buffet menu to make the socially-distanced dining room a destination in its own right, while others allow guests to select special dishes from a number of sections, ready for plating by a careful and creative waitstaff who prepare a veritable feast for each table. Whatever your preferences – and capabilities – breakfast can still be a positive start to the day for customers.

And what better way to enjoy breakfast than with the deliciously unique taste of NUTELLA®.

The secret to Nutella’s great taste is all in the recipe, using only fresh, quality ingredients that are sourced sustainably. With a recipe that has remained unchanged for over 50 years, Nutella’s has been enjoyed by families around the world for generations. Today, Nutella’s iconic chocolate and hazelnut taste is synonymous with a good breakfast according to more than 8.75 million Australians who buy NUTELLA® each year!

Perfect for breakfast buffets, grab-and-go and delivery options, NUTELLA® is a great accompaniment for toast, pastries, waffles, pancakes and morning goods. It’s so delicious that even a small amount is highly satisfying: just 15g of NUTELLA® is enough to guarantee an unbeatable and pleasurable experience.

Best of all, Ferrero Foodservice offers a range of NUTELLA® options to suit your menu; the popular 25g Mini-NUTELLA® Glass Jar adds a touch of class in single serve portions to Hotel-Buffet operations, while maintaining hygiene. For venues looking to reduce costs, the NUTELLA® 15g Portion Pack is a great option to add an element of fun to a continental or buffet breakfast offering.

So create a delicious way for your guests to start their day by adding NUTELLA® single serve products to your menu today.

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NUTELLA® Chocolate Hazelnut Spread


Enjoy breakfast in so many ways with the great and unique taste of NUTELLA® in a single serve format. Perfect for breakfast buffets, grab and go and delivery options.