The best 4 beers and ciders for spring and summer 2022

There’s nothing better than an ice cold beverage in hand on a hot summer’s day.

Take a look to see which brews made our top 4 beers and ciders for spring and summer in 2022, and use their flavour profiles and food pairings to craft your menu this season.

Local beer

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Beautifully bright, with flavours of tropical pineapple and passionfruit and an oaky edge, Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (179908) is smooth on the palate and light in texture. This Aussie classic is the poster child for craft breweries gone big, originating from the surfer’s haven of Byron Bay. It’s full of gusto with a light effervescence that couples up seamlessly with many bar snacks. Smoky, locally caught prawn tacos are a sumptuous pairing that will round out the tropical undertones of this OG pacific ale.

179908 Stone and wood min

International beer

Corona Extra Lager

Named after the sun’s crown, Corona Extra (200324) is the authentic and original Mexican lager with a brand that’s centred around sunshine and summertime. This easy-drinking beer has a special and unique flavour that’s approachable and timeless, which comes from the pleasant barley and hop aromas that leave a subtle bitterness and citrus aftertaste. Serve with a wedge of lime for additional tartness, and level up with spicy small plates, such as deviled chicken hot wings.


Somersby Apple Cider

Dominant apple juice flavours are bright and optimistic with refreshing green and blooming notes in Somersby Apple Cider (179905). Pleasant acidity and subtle sourness balance out the lingering sweetness for a lively and refreshing beverage that is a smooth accompaniment with fresh salads and flavourful pizzas.

768443 1 1 min
207881 Strongbow Original Apple Cider min


Strongbow Original Apple Cider

Strongbow Original Classic Apple Cider (207881) is a classic bar staple with a strong tang and traditional apple cider taste. Crisp and refreshing with a medium weight palate, this impressionable cider has a light fizz and definitive apple taste that makes this a great pairing with pulled pork burgers or battered fish and chips.

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