Sparkling spritzes for special occasions

You heard it here first – spritz season is here to stay.
Typically thought of as a summer staple, spritzes have gained momentous popularity over the last few years. With wanderlust and dreams of euro summer firmly back in everyone’s vocab year-round, this Italian aperitivo style of cocktail offers endless versatility for any occasion.

The origin of the spritz is in fact Austrian, with the definition stemming from the German word ‘to splash’. The drink as we know it today came about in the early 1800’s when Austrian soldiers based in Italy added water to their glasses of wine to lengthen the drink and dilute it for their more beer-accustomed palate. For this reason, the spritz is especially popular in the northern regions of Italy where it originated, so it’s no wonder that Bottega are professionals in this art.

A family run vintners based in the north east Italian province of Veneto – an area that’s famed for its rolling landscape of steep hills and undulating terrain – Bottega produces some of the best sparkling wines and grappas in the world. The Bottega family has been producing grapes in this area since 1635, starting as tenant farmers in the vineyards before eventually utilising their wine merchant skillset to start producing world class grappa in the early 1900’s. Masters of oenology through and through, they began cellaring wines in the 1990’s and have quickly become an internationally renowned producer of authentic Italian prosecco’s and sparkling wines in over 150 countries.

This impressive combination of mastery and optimal geography makes for unquestionably high-quality liquor. In their sparkling range of wines, there are several DOC and DOCG accredited proseccos, which are delicious served straight from the bottle but also offer great versatility in other bar recipes.

Elegant, fresh and lively, this prosecco has a classic, refined and crowd-pleasing taste of green apples, citrus and floral notes. An exquisite option to serve by the bottle at group bookings, the iconic gold patented bottle also adds the glimmer of good times to customers’ tables, and will catch everyone’s eye when displayed on your back bar. Use them to dress your venue for aperitivo afternoons to create additional hype, intrigue and user generated content and serve up these statement spritz specials.

Bottega spritz blog Gold Prosecco cocktails 800x500 1
Lemon Spritz

Over ice in a large wine glass build 50ml Bottega Limoncino, 75ml Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC, 25ml soda water and ice.
Stir well then garnish with a slice of lemon and mint sprig.

Golden Spritz

Over ice in a large wine glass build 50ml Bottega Vermouth Bianco, 75ml Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC, 65ml soda water and ice. Stir well then garnish with a slice of orange.


In a chilled flute add 65ml white peach purée (strained) and 65ml Bottega Gold Prosecco DOC.
Garnish with a slice of peach.

A white sparkling moscato characterised by clear sweetness, an elegant bouquet of rose petals and low 6.5% alcohol content. This wine is a great option for long brunches or to round out a meal alongside a shared cheese platters and dessert. Add extra value to your celebratory group bookings by offering a spritz special that will make each bottle go further.

Bottega spritz blog Petalo Moscato cocktails 800x500 1

In a chilled flute or coupe add 35ml orange juice and top with 65ml Bottega Petalo Moscato.
Garnish with a fresh orange wedge.


In a chilled flute add 65ml strawberry juice (strained) and top with 65ml Bottega Petalo Moscato.
Garnish with half a strawberry.

Petalo With Love

In a tall chilled glass add 55ml Bottega Limoncino and 105ml Bottega Petalo Moscato.
Garnish with a curled lemon zest.

Each of these signature serves ooze with the taste of summer and special celebrations, no matter the season or occasion. So get that bar specials menu sparkling in time for Mother’s Day and beyond.

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