Bring a little CHEER to your dish!

Which CHEER cheese to make your dish delish?

The CHEER cheese range comes conveniently shredded in three delicious varieties – Aussie Jack, Thick & Tasty and Parma Blend. All are created to add a beautiful taste, look and aroma to a variety of dishes. Balancing your dish’s flavours, textures and colours to create a memorable menu item is one of the exciting challenges of the culinary profession. Being a natural flavour enhancer, it makes nearly everything taste better, from salads to sandwiches, pasta to parmigiana and pizza to burgers.

But which CHEER cheese will bring a little CHEER to your dish?

Aussie Jack (shredded or sliced) - when to use it and why it’s a winner in burgers?

CHEER Aussie Jack is a cheese with a smooth texture and a mild taste that doesn’t overwhelm the flavours of the other ingredients. It’s also a cheese with high moisture content and excellent melting qualities, providing a faster melt than tasty cheddar. Taste and texture make Aussie Jack the perfect topping for burger patties. A natural slice that performs like a processed slice, CHEER Aussie Jack comes in staggered stacks of 96 for ease of prep. It not only shines when melted in a burger, but comes conveniently shredded, ready to add a mild cheese flavour to many foods. Aussie Jack pairs well with mexican dishes as it melts beautifully to a golden layer of delectable cheesy yumminess, without overpowering the fresh flavours of herbs.

When to use CHEER Tasty Cheddar?

CHEER Cheddar comes conveniently prepared in 75 thick slices (great for melting and catering) and 96 slices (a slightly thinner slice perfect for sandwiches and a price-conscious kitchen). Cheddar cheese likes to be the centre of attention. It’s a sharp, tangy cheese that adds a nutty flavour and rich texture to your dish. It’s a versatile cheese that can be melted but is also tasty when uncooked. Use it when you want the cheese to take centre stage, for example, in sandwiches, quiches, cheese and bacon rolls and, of course, mac ‘n cheese.

Why to use CHEER Parma Blend?

The CHEER Parma Blend is a combination of mozzarella and Aussie Jack and is finely shredded to provide increased coverage and even distribution. It exudes little oil when melted, ensuring the presentation is on point. Mozzarella is a mild cheese with a subtle flavour to accompany other flavours on such foods as pizza, pasta or vegetarian bakes. It pairs well with tomato, basil, and olive oil. Aussie Jack is a mild, creamy yellow cheese that melts easily. When you combine these favourites, you get a blend perfect for melting, stretching and turning deliciously golden brown when baked or grilled.

So, there you have it, the perfect cheeses to add oozy, super-tasty, cheesy goodness to your dishes, and your signature burger. All conveniently sliced or shredded, ready for a fast prep!


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