Why buying local is roaring back

Nothing challenges a commercial kitchen more than uncertain supply. And, right now, hospitality venues are battling the twin forces of higher-than-normal costs on common ingredients and unpredictable sourcing of essential produce.

Is Australian-made the answer?

We have all experienced supply chain delays due to a combination of unusual events, including staff shortages across the board and dramatic weather incidents around the world. One way to insulate your business against supply chain challenges is to source Aussie-made products wherever possible. Helpfully, going local for supply reliability plays right into a movement capturing the attention of Australian diners.

How Edgell Entertainers helps you do better business

A 2021 report by research company Mintel underlines a heightened desire among Australians to buy local, as they express a preference for products they know and trust. Edgell Entertainers is a range of four delicious and exciting cheese snacks that are made right here in Australia by an iconic brand that has been trusted by Australians since 1926. Because Entertainers are made locally, your venue enjoys year-round certainty of supply and has a positive story to share with diners.

Give your customers what they crave

“With venues anxious about product availability and unpredictable pricing, now is the perfect time to discover Edgell Entertainers, an all-new range of tasty cheese snacks coated in a crunchy crumb,” says Simplot Australia Executive Chef, David White. “Apart from being made in Australia from the highest quality ingredients, the Edgell Entertainers range offers incredible versatility. Quick and easy to prepare, use them for share platters, sides, snacks, kids’ meals, finger food, bar snacks and more.” The range features Mac ‘N’ Cheese Bites, Haloumi Chips, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Jalapeño Cheese Bombs, meaning there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to spice up your burrito offer with a side serve of Jalapeno Cheese Bombs or adding Haloumi Chips to your ‘Sides’ selection, there really are so many ways to use the Edgell® Entertainers range.

The frozen convenience factor

Edgell’s expertise ensures that only the finest ingredients are used in Entertainers cheese snacks, each of which comes frozen and features a convenient 12-month shelf life. “The Edgell Entertainers range helps you reduce waste and labour because you simply take what you need from the freezer,” says White. “Plus, you can be assured of year-round availability and stable pricing, making your menu costing simpler and more accurate. “Being from Edgell, it goes without saying that Entertainers cheese snacks really deliver on flavour and texture.”

The logic of going local

Australian-made Edgell Entertainers give you the edge, delivering delicious taste while removing the uncertainty around availability and pricing. The range is perfect for caterers, pubs and clubs, takeaway outlets, petrol and convenience stores, sit-down venues and more.

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