Have you made the switch?

Bidfood is putting the planet over plastic and you should too. We are moving towards the removal of single-use plastics from our packaging and

Discover Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch sits at the foot of the Cape Fold Mountains range, some 50 kilometres west of Cape Town. Snow-capped in winter, those sharp-peaked mountains

New year, new energy

The new year is almost here. Some of you will be taking a break. Many will be trading through. Whatever the case, the new

Goodbye, 2020

With a long, deep sigh of relief, we can all say goodbye to 2020. We can put the year behind us, push it into

Reviewing a bad situation

Getting a bad review online isn’t the end of the world – if you know how to handle it properly. We spoke to hospitality

Catering for corona

Catering is a numbers game. Unfortunately, so is COVID-19. And the two do not make a great partnership. The first onslaught of the virus

Master Sommelier

Being a Master Sommelier is the most prestigious and highly regarded title given to sommeliers. Candidates first need to pass a three-part exam which

4 ways technology can improve your foodservice business

Every day eaters, wait staff, chefs, managers and owners feel the changes brought about by technology. From diners hunting down their next meal on

Winter of discomfort

There is an ancient curse that goes “may you live in interesting times.” Well, recent life has certainly been interesting and constantly challenging. This

In case of COVID

Slowly, cautiously, our colleagues in the hospitality community reopen their doors one by one. Across the nation, workers in our bars, pubs, cafes, clubs,