Delicious ways to serve pork

Pork is a great menu option for a broad range of meal offers. It's a delicious, nutritious, quality protein that is consistently well priced and always cooks to perfection. It can be spiced up with global flavours for an exciting range of dishes or cooked using traditional methods for a touch of nostalgia. I always think of that old TV ad: "the other white meat - pork". It really nails the versatility and nutritional value that pork brings to the table. And some of the best quality and best priced pork around is Homestead Pork.


Ross Thomson

Bidfood meat expert

There is a lot to be said for Homestead Pork. First up, it’s 100% Australian grown and Australian owned. It’s processed by a multi-generational family business who have a passion for pork, sourcing it from farmers who maintain the highest levels of hygiene and animal welfare. And their state-of-the-art processing facilities mean that Homestead Pork cooks perfectly, looks great on the plate and is always delicious.

One of the secrets to Homestead Pork is the way it is processed. There is a massive misconception that all pork is fatty, however this is nonsense. In fact, most pork cuts have a fine layer of fat on the outside and then the rest is lean muscle. When cooked this can dry out, which is why many of Homestead Pork’s cuts are moisture infused. This means that the pork is brined in mineral salts so, when it is cooked to well done, it will still be delicious, tender and very juicy.

Choosing the right cut

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Homestead Pork offers the right cut for every type of dish and cooking method. There’s loin (213731) or striploin (191671, 212930), which are perfect for stir fries, noodle dishes and also for finger foods such as skewers and satay sticks. Homestead Pork boneless shoulders (191673, 191871) and collar butts (191681) are great for pulling and shredding for rolls, buns, tacos and salads. Start by dry rubbing the shoulder or collar butt with your favourite spices, blending and barbecuing low and slow and shredding the flesh whilst drenching it in smoky, sweet, spicy sauce and serving with melted cheese and a fresh, crisp slaw.

The perfect pork roast

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Then there is the boned and rolled leg (191677, 191873, 191676). This is a great cut and is designed for consistency and perfect portion control. During processing, the bone is removed and the muscles trimmed so when the leg is rolled and tied with string it creates an almost perfect cylinder. This means perfect and even cooking every time. 

At home I leave it in the fridge uncovered for 48 hours to let the skin dry out. I then pour over a kettle of boiling water, pat it dry, rub with salt, rub with oil, more salt and then put it into the oven preheated at 220°C until the crackling is perfect. I then reduce the heat and cook until done. The crackling is always crisp and golden, and the meat is juicy and flavoursome. Serve it with all the trimmings – some mash, steamed beans, gravy and apple sauce – and you’ll have a dish that brings back memories of Sunday roasts of old.

Alternatively, spice up a rolled pork leg with a dry run of Chinese five spice and ground cumin and serve with salads or coleslaw. Or rub with fennel seed, rosemary and garlic for cheat’s porchetta, and serve with Italian baked potatoes, fennel and orange salad, and crusty bread.

Versatile and delicious pork belly

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Once upon a time pork belly (191679, 191674, 191680) was an under-utilised cut. Today, it is the ultimate in pork cuts and something that sells itself on the menu. It can have a layer of skin to create the perfect crackling, a layer of fat that renders out during cooking and strips of muscle that are always succulent. Slices or cubes of golden pork belly – perhaps served with a jus or a sticky, sweet Asian sauce – are one of life’s great pleasures and always moves fast on the menu. Belly can be stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic and Italian herbs and rolled into a porchetta; or when roasted crisp, finely sliced and served with spicy coleslaw it makes a great filling for Mexican tortillas.

And when it comes to recovery, pork has amazing versatility. The skin keeps crisp, and the flesh stays moist after refrigeration and reheating. It can be served in a salad, in a floury bap with loads of gravy or it can be used in a crisp baguette with pickled carrot, coriander and a pâté for Australia’s new favourite – the bánh mì.

Whatever way you cook it, pork is a great lean meat with broad appeal. It can be the star of the plate with some traditional trimmings or a blank canvas on which to fill with your culinary creativity. Homestead Pork offers great quality and consistency at a price that will make everyone happy.

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