Save time in the kitchen with Edgell Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes

There are some products that can save you time and some products that can save you money, but it’s not often that you get a product that does both. Well, Edgell® Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes do exactly that.

All the hard work is done with these new vegetable mixes from Edgell – simply open the bag and use. Saving you precious time in the kitchen, and we can all do with that! Edgell’s expertise in vegetables ensures that we select quality vegetables, which we then snap freeze locking in their goodness and flavour, so you can be confident that they will be perfect in any dish.

You can choose the cooked texture of these vegetables by simply adjusting the cooking time to your preference, for a softer more tender vegetable just increase the cooking time. Edgell® Bite-Sized Vegetable Mixes deliver on all these benefits. In addition, the consistent pricing that frozen vegetables provide, means that you can avoid the fluctuating prices of market vegetables, making your menu costing more accurate and simpler.

– David White, Executive Chef at Simplot Australia

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