Locally grown and nurtured poultry

It is some of the best and most convenient chicken in the industry. It’s called Farmyard Chicken, it's great value, and we’re delivering it to your door.

With tender breast fillets, juicy thigh fillets and moreish wings packed in practical and convenient raw and frozen portions, you’re going to have a lot of good times cooking with these consistently dependable and delicious pieces of chicken. The great benefit of frozen portions is that good value can be locked in. So heading into this year’s party season you have a great price point that is going to see you good, and will help you to make the most of this very busy time of year. 

Farmyard Chicken comes from a family-owned business with over 35 years’ of experience in the poultry game. The chickens come from only the best producers in Australia and are not given any hormones at all, with their growth occurring naturally. With a lot of customers asking questions about where their food is coming from, Farmyard Chicken ticks all the boxes. The producers raise their birds to the highest ethical standards, in line with RSPCA guidelines, and ensure that they are treated with the upmost care.

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Farmyard Chicken offers great quality and flavour. The breasts are the perfect portion size for the modern diner and cook to tender perfection. Skinned and bone free, they are the perfect canvas for chefs to make their mark in the kitchen. Being carefully portioned and produced to be similar weight and size they are ideal for hitting the mark each time when cooking for big numbers.

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The Farmyard Chicken thigh fillets meet the same criteria and are perfect stuffed, or roasted and served with a rich sauce. They also make for a great wet dish such as a coq au vin or a green chicken curry. With that extra texture and great chicken flavour they are perfect in the modern kitchen. 

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As for the Farmyard Chicken wings, these are beautiful, plump and tender, ready for your marinade and sauce to make the perfect bar snack or side dish. Easy to use they can be stuffed with mortadella and fried – which is becoming a go-to dish in wine bars – or slathered in a sauce of your making or choosing and bake until golden. Perfect wings every time. 

The team behind Farmyard Chicken is immensely proud of the premium quality, flavour and texture on offer in their range. They are truly great products with great value.

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