Five minutes with Matt Fiebig

Matt Fiebig is Melbourne’s king of American pit barbecue, attracting global attention for his massive three-kilogram smoked Thor’s Hammer beef shin - plus the nachos platter delivered to the table on a massive shovel. It’s all good fun and Matt blends his love of American barbecue with his fine dining kitchen skills to help put Albert Park’s Third Wave Café on the map.

Favourite dish?

Simple. Cod. Freshly caught NZ cod, straight off the boat. I love the sea, diving and fishing – it is one dish I really miss. Cod, grilled, perhaps with a little butter and a sprinkle of salt. Delicious.

Favourite drink?

It changes. I am really enjoying the way cognac and good brandies go with the smoky aroma of barbecue.

Favourite cookbook?

Pitt Cue Co. – it is the bible of American barbecue with great ideas about how to cook and serve big cuts of meat plus recipes for rubs, pickles and sauces.

Favourites online?

We shoot our own YouTube @ThirdWaveCafePortMelbourne, as well as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok content each week, but I am loving the way @steakvideos carves and serves beautiful meat dishes.

Favourite food destination?

I love Malaysia. There is so much to discover there and so much culinary diversity. The flavours you can find in the villages and backstreets are amazing. I still think of those chilli crab noodles.

Favourite place?

Queenscliff – it’s an old 1800s pleasure destination and fishing village. There is still a small fishing fleet there and giant eagle rays swimming about the marina.

Favourite brand of shovel?

Spear & Jackson – it’s the only shovel for a giant serving of nachos and ribs with bear claws.

As seen in Winter 2023

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