Food and beer pairings

An excellent beer and food pairing can often be hard to come by. However, these two unlikely allies can complement each other to create a flavourful dining experience for your customers.

What to pair with an IPA

IPAs are one of the most popular beer types in Australia, especially in the craft brewing scene. Typically, medium amber in colour with prominent citrus flavours, it is best to pair IPA varieties with foods that can cut through their bitterness. Try a well cooked, barbequed meat or Mexican dishes such as tostadas which are rich, spicy and give diners that flavour hit.

Get the most out of your pale ale

Golden to amber in colour, the pale ale is a medium bodied beer that boasts generous amounts of hops and aromas. This makes the pale ale the perfect beer for beginner drinkers as it is flavourful without being overpowering.  Pale ales work with well with fiery pepperoni pizza as the citrusy hops commonly found in the beer cuts through the fattiness of the meat without interfering with the flavours to create a balanced pairing.

How to enhance darker beers

When it comes to stout, classic Irish dishes such as boiled bacon and cabbage are always a winning combo, though stout and seafood are also a perfect match. Stout is a bitter beer with deep strong flavour aromas and seafood, particularly shellfish or oysters, complement this beer by adding salt which reduces the bitterness and makes the flavours sweeter. Serve this beer with shellfish dishes such as oysters or, for a different sweet note, pair with a fruity dessert like fig tart.

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