Get footy finals ready!

As the excitement builds and football fever sweeps the nation, there's no denying the special atmosphere that comes with watching the finals at the local pub! For pub or club venues this is a golden opportunity to take game day experience to the next level. By combining the perfect menu with the thrill of football, you can create a winning recipe that will have customers sprinting to your pub for every match. Here's some inspiration on how to captivate the taste buds of football enthusiasts and score big in the world of pub dining.

Craft a winning menu.

Get creative! Dish names are the first thing a customer will look at, making it one of the most important parts of your culinary creation. It creates a perception in the minds of customers about its taste, ingredients and overall appeal. Pubs are often associated with a relaxed and social atmosphere. Playful or humorous dish names can contribute to the overall entertainment value and add to the enjoyable experience of dining out. Clever wordplay, puns or cultural references in dish names can create a light-hearted and engaging atmosphere. Fun dish names can create a topic of conversation among guests – think ‘The Champion Burger,’ ‘Winning Wings,’ or ‘The Coach’s Special’ to add a playful touch. Offer a variety of options to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can find something they love. Ultimately, including these fun names will evoke emotions, stimulate appetite, help differentiate your establishment and encourage the exploration of the menu. A well-crafted dish name can capture customers’ attention and influence their ordering choices, enhancing their overall dining experience.

Hot dog reinvention.

Hot dogs have undergone a glorious transformation in recent years. Chefs are elevating the humble hot dog to now include a multitude of toppings. From loaded chilli dogs to international-inspired creations, these reinvented hot dogs are stealing the spotlight at footy finals gatherings. Check out these products that will help elevate your hot dog!

Gourmet burger boom.

Burgers have become a staple in footy finals menus. From towering cheeseburgers to specialty sliders, gourmet burgers have become a fan favourite, offering a combination of bold flavours and hearty satisfaction. Gone are the days when a regular cheeseburger would suffice. Elevate your burger creations with our game day delights.

Finger food frenzy.

Finger foods have gained popularity due to their convenience and ability to keep fans engaged in the game. Bite-sized delights like sliders, chicken wings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, pies and spring rolls provide the perfect balance of flavour and portability. They allow fans to savour delectable snacks without interrupting the thrill of the match. Grab yours now!

What's next?

Carefully curate your menu with our football favs.

Don’t forget your drinks menu.