Are you future-proofing your menu?


A new way of thinking driven by the twin forces of health and environmental sustainability is behind the incredible growth of plant-based foods.

Meeting the mainstream trend for less meat... is your menu ready?

With experts proclaiming the need to diversify our food supply in order to feed the global population in the decades to come, producers, venues and diners are all embracing a plant-based future.

Research shows that more than two-in-five Australians are actively reducing or avoiding meat – a choice that is only going to increase with around 50% of 18 – 34 year olds reporting this preference.*

The climatarian, reductionist and flexitarian diets have each risen in response, encompassing a mix of people who have become more mindful in the way they eat.

Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips will help future-proof your menu

Simplot Foodservice now have Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips in their plant-based range. They are versatile, flavoursome and easy to prepare, with a tender and succulent texture in the style of slow cooked lamb.

One-for-one plant-based ingredients, such as Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips, are a powerful response to the emerging landscape because they are an easy substitute for the animal-derived ingredients they can replace on any menu.

Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips are also high in plant protein, low in saturated fat, vegan friendly and boast a 4.0 health star rating.

Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips great for many usage occasions.

The innovative Edgell plant-based range helps chefs to quickly and easily convert any meal into one that suits the dietary needs of the meat-conscious diner, and is also great for vegan and vegetarian menus.

Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips are like a slow cooked style of lamb, with a slight Mediterranean flavour and can be a great replacement in both winter and summer favourites such as:
• Pizza 
• Pies 
• Casseroles
• Souvlaki
• Wraps, sliders and rolls
• Poke bowls

Bringing Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips to life

The versatility of Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips means they can be employed in anything from a rich, lamb-style casserole to a plant-based lamb slider.

“Simply swap out traditional lamb in your favourite recipes with Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips,” says Simplot Australia Executive Chef, David White.

“Whichever way you choose to use Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips on your menu, you can rest assured your customers will appreciate the quality, texture and flavour of this fantastic product.”

Watch how Simplot’s Executive Chef David White uses Edgell Plant Based® Lamb Strips as a pizza topping below.

* Source: Plant Based U&A Simplot, 2020

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