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In Australia:

  • close to one in two heart disease deaths are attributable to high blood pressure1 and
  • one in three adults – more than six million Australians – has high blood pressure1


The good news is that we can take steps to reduce our risk of high blood pressure, and one way to do so is by switching to a reduced sodium salt such as LoSalt®.

Why should we Season with Sense™?

While some sodium is essential for the body (helping to maintain normal blood pressure), we eat too much because lots of salt is ‘hidden’ in the food we buy – from bread, to cereals, to condiments. As sodium accumulates, the body’s natural balance of sodium is disrupted. This causes fluid retention which increases the pressure exerted by the blood against blood vessel walls. If this pressure is too high, it puts a strain on your arteries and your heart, and if not controlled it can increase your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Salt is our biggest source of sodium. Therefore the principal benefit of lowering salt intake is a corresponding reduction in high blood pressure. That leaves us with the question of how can we season without salt?

The answer: Season with Sense by using a reduced sodium salt instead of your regular table, sea or rock salt.

“Switching to salt substitutes could save thousands of lives”

A recently published landmark study2 has shown that switching from salt to a salt substitute, could lower the risk of strokes, heart disease and premature death.

Elevated dietary sodium consumption, as well as low levels of dietary potassium intake, is associated with high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. Salt substitutes/alternatives, like LoSalt®, adresses these effects in a single product.

Typically, reduced-sodium salts are a blend of 2 natural mineral salts: potassium chloride and sodium chloride (aka salt). There are several on the market, but LoSalt® delivers maximum sodium reduction (66% less sodium) without compromising on taste.

Directly aligned to Australia’s National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–20303 , the findings of The George Institute for Global Health China Salt Substitute and Stroke Study (SSaSS)2 provides clear evidence that salt substitution is one of the most practical ways of achieving a real impact and a positive change to our health and the customers we serve.

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1 “Fatal but forgotten: Australians overlook high blood pressure threat”; National Heart Foundation of Australia Media release – 3 June 2020

2 “Effect of Salt Substitution on Cardiovascular Events and Death”; New England Journal of Medine, published 29.08.21

3 “The National Preventive Health Strategy 2021–2030”; Australian Government Department of Health, published 14.12.21