Holidays back on the menu at hotels

The tourism industry in Australia has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Holidays have been put on hold with recent Delta outbreaks well and truly pressing the pause button in some of Australia’s biggest states. But as vaccination rates climb and lockdown restrictions lift, are holidays set for a comeback?

Australians are well known for their wanderlust, and our love of travel has grown rapidly over recent years, with domestic tourism operators the biggest beneficiaries as 90% of total trips taken were within our own borders, according to KPMG.

Occupation rates steadily increased after lockdowns in 2020, with many regional locations seeing increases of as much as 35 points to June 2021, according to STR. Anecdotal evidence shows Sydneysiders, Melbournites and itchy-footed Australians are ready and waiting to return to life after COVID and lockdowns.

Having spent most of 2020 and again large parts of 2021 living with restrictions, many Australians will be looking forward to leaving home and getting away for a much-needed break. And with plenty of time to dream and plan their great escape, Australian consumers will have higher expectations for their next holiday…

So the team at Ferrero has been hard at work to better understand the hotel consumer and what hospitality providers can consider when it comes to creating delicious dining experiences for holidaymakers.  

We wanted to understand how hotel patrons perceive hotel breakfasts and we’re happy to share that guests continue to come back for the buffet, so it remains an essential part of the hospitality offering.

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Hotel breakfasts have long been a people pleaser, with something on the menu for everyone.  As COVID restrictions remain, along with increased hygiene considerations, some kitchens are creating their own signature buffet menu to make the socially-distanced dining room a destination in its own right, while others allow guests to select special dishes from a number of sections, ready for plating by a careful and creative waitstaff who prepare a veritable feast for each table.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for holiday guests – our research found that 61% of hotel guests prefer an in-house breakfast to any other meal. Overwhelmingly, 95% of our respondents felt the offer of a free breakfast buffet was a valuable extra.

And what better way to enjoy breakfast than with the deliciously unique taste of NUTELLA®.

75% of those surveyed perceived hotel buffets with Nutella on the menu as more exciting and premium compared to those without. 71% actually acknowledged they would be more likely to visit a venue that offered Nutella, while 63% said they would be more likely to select a menu item because it came with our delicious chocolate hazelnut spread!

One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s enduring changes has been how we think about hygiene, making many more careful in public spaces. It’s unsurprising then that 87% of respondents advised they’d prefer single serve condiments such as our portion control Nutella packs or our popular 25g Mini-Nutella glass jar which adds a premium touch to hotel buffet operations, while maintaining hygiene.

Perfect for breakfast buffets, grab-and-go and delivery options, Nutella is a great accompaniment for toast, pastries, waffles, pancakes and morning goods. It’s so delicious that even a small amount is highly satisfying: just 15g of Nutella is enough to guarantee an unbeatable and pleasurable experience.

Ferrero Foodservice offers a range of product options to suit any menu, so create a delicious way for your guests to make the most of their next holiday by adding Nutella single serve products to your menu today!

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Portion controlled and perfect for hotel buffets and breakfasts.