Our 3 standout international red wines for autumn and winter 2023

Bring colour and warmth to your wine list with our exciting selection of top 3 international red wines for autumn and winter and their perfect food pairings.

From Italy to South Africa, each one of these picks highlight the best of regional winemaking from around the globe.

Italian montepulciano

Caldora Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC

Abruzzo, ITALY.

The award winning Caldora Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC (180056) is excellent when paired against a myriad of traditional Italian recipes. Ruby red in colour with garnet highlights the flavour is intense, persistent and fruity, with a strong aroma of wild berries. A full bodied wine that’s well balanced and slightly tannic with a clean aftertaste. Moderate acidity and herbaceous undertones make this an apt pairing with risottos, pasta dishes and pork meat recipes, such as pork rollatini.

180056 Caldora Montepulciano DOC 750ml
170435 Rocca delle Macie Chianti Vernaiolo Raffia

Italian sangiovese

Rocca delle Macíe
Chianti Vernaiolo Raffia

Tuscany, ITALY. 

Made from a vibrant blend of 90% sangiovese, 5% canaiolo and 5% merlot, Rocca delle Macíe Chianti Vernaiolo Raffia (170435) carries a distinctive fruitiness and savoury profile that is sublime with traditional Italian dishes, including osso bucco, cacciatore and milanese. Fresh, balanced and full bodied, each grape has been carefully selected and macerated with an advanced and constant temperature fermentation technique. This yields a pleasant full bodied wine that is able to keep its distinctive fruitiness for an extensive period of time.

South African red

Kaapzicht Rooiland Pinotage

Stellenbosch, SOUTH AFRICA.

A hallmark South African red varietal. The first pinotage vine was planted around the Bottelary Hills in Stellenbosch, where Kaapzicht Rooiland Pinotage (209399) has been nurtured and harvested over four generations of family wine making. ‘Rooiland’ (meaning ‘red land’) signifies the red gravel soil that is instrumental in producing the intense and opulent flavour profile of generous dark fruit notes, rich oak and vanilla spice. Indulge alongside a meaty gourmet burger that will stand up alongside this wine’s bold, statement character.

Rooiland Pinotage

As seen in autumn/winter 2023

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