Our best 3 international white wines for autumn and winter 2023

Broaden your wine menu to further horizons with our top 3 international white wines for autumn and winter.

Find out how to utilise their full potential with delectable food pairings to match, and
pay homage to these world-class wine regions.

Italian white

Caldora Pinot Grigio

Abruzzo, ITALY.

Crushed, de-stemmed and coldly macerated, Caldora Pinot Grigio (180058) is a fresh, pleasant and balanced wine. Medium bodied, yet clean and crisp, the palate contains fruity peach and mineral flavours against complex aromas of fruit, herbs, vanilla and nutmeg. Beautifully golden in appearance, this wine is superb with cooked fish – either roasted, stewed or in a soothing soup. The zippiness of this wine is perfect with a light lunch of clam acqua pazza.

180058 Farnese Caldora Pinot Grigio small
191651 Music Bay Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand white

Music Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, NEW ZEALAND.

Classic Marlborough flavours of passionfruit and a refreshing acidity delight the palate in Music Bay Sauvignon Blanc (191651). The fresh but graceful bitterness of grapefruit and refreshing melon are apparent in this wine, making grilled seafood, such as freshly charred mahi mahi tacos, an idyllic sidekick to serve it with. Similarly, confit garlic bruschetta offers a bold accompaniment against the fully ripe fruit flavours of this dry sauvignon blanc.

South African white

Kaapzicht Family Range Chenin Blanc

Stellenbosch, SOUTH AFRICA

A dry white wine, Kaapzicht Family Range Chenin Blanc (209398) originates from one of the oldest chenin vineyards in South Africa. Generations of family-run winemaking have gone into perfecting the process behind this flavourful, savoury wine. A true labour of love – from the weathered granite soil that coats the Stellenbosch range, to the early morning harvests in cool temperatures. A reductive process has been used for stronger aromatics, along with interesting tones of ripe quince, pineapple and stone fruits that provide a light sweetness and balanced, crunchy acidity. Serve with the buttery richness of creamy Tuscan chicken or an exuberant Cantonese-style sweet and sour pork.

209398 Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc 2022

As seen in autumn/winter 2023

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