Introducing Edgell Sweet Potato Chips

Made using Australian grown sweet potatoes, Edgell Sweet Potato Chips feature tender, traditional sweet potato, enhanced with a savoury flavour that offers the perfectly balanced sweet potato chip.

Why the product was developed

Edgell Sweet Potato Chips were developed for customers seeking second fry menu options and ‘better for you’ healthier alternatives, without the key barriers and pain points that are often associated with typical sweet potato chips; sogginess and short holding time.

With consumer research continually demonstrating that people view sweet potato as a ‘tasty, healthier, lower starch’ alternative to white potato, Edgell Sweet Potato Chips caters to those health-conscious consumers by delivering a product that can be viewed as a lighter and healthier side of plate alternative when dining out, whilst still adding colour, variety and flavour to plates. It also allows end users to tap into popular trends such as ‘natural’, ‘clean eating’ and ‘wellness’ by providing a chip that is high in Vitamin A and fibre.

Key features and benefits

Edgell Sweet Potato Chips have a 10mm cut, making them the perfect catering and sharing plate option, snack or side. Edgell use premium Australian-grown sweet potato, sourced from the sunny region of Bundaberg and produced in Tasmania, harvested 52 weeks of the year!

With the exclusive and unique delivery-style batter, Edgell were able to make the crunchiest and longest holding sweet potato chips in the market. This has provided a wholesome, healthier chip alternative to consumers without compromising on taste or texture.

The Edgell Sweet Potato Chips have a significant hold time and will only start to become soft after this time has elapsed. This can be beneficial for busy kitchens as it allows for time in between plating and serving customers, whilst also ensuring your chips are staying warm and crunchy under heat lamps for this time, resulting in a near fresh product for the customer.

Packing and preparation

Edgell Sweet Potato chips come in 6 x 1.5kg poly bags (9kg carton) and are to be cooked from frozen by deep frying at 180° for 2.45 mins. They are also suitable for convection oven.

Bring a premium chip to your customers!

Edgell Sweet Potato Chips are a versatile product that can used as a premium snack and share plate option, and as an alternative chip fly option to white potato. Using only Australian grown Sweet potatoes, Edgell are supporting local Aussies whilst ensuring surety of supply by harvesting every week of the year!

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10mm Edgell Sweet Potato Chips


A 10mm cut, Edgell Sweet Potato Chips are coated using a world-class delivery style batter; seasoned perfectly with a delicious savoury flavour.