Is Australia’s coffee culture the best in the world?

Australia has the best coffee culture in the world. Recent articles from CNN and the BBC stated that the Land Down Under is the best place for a cup of Joe. From Brisbane to Broome, Perth to Penrith, there are very few places in this wide brown land where you cannot get a caffè latte or espresso.

It is almost expected that we can get a good coffee anywhere. This is a far cry from a few decades ago when instant coffee with a few sugars was the way to go. Our taste in coffee has changed dramatically since the first Italian espresso machines were widely introduced to coffee bars in Sydney and Melbourne back in the 1950s. Italian baristas served the coffees as they did in Italy. Little short black coffees they called espresso. Over the decades, Australian baristas have moved people towards milk-based coffees. Back in the 1970s, this was the cappuccino, complete with a cocoa head. By the late 1980s, our baristas were perfecting the process of texturing the milk using the steam wand to produce the world’s best caffè lattes.

What makes the perfect coffee?

Making the perfect coffee, whether a caffè latte or a macchiato, always starts with the beans. When sourcing beans, it is essential to make sure you’re getting the real deal. The beans need to be 100% Arabica. You also need to make sure your beans are not only properly sourced but properly roasted. Beans need to be roasted in a manner that suits the modern Australian palate. If the beans are not roasted enough, they won’t stand up to having a cup full of textured milk being poured over.

Which beans do Australian coffee experts recommend?

A coffee that has been blended and roasted for the coffee lover of today is Joe + Cino. This is a coffee prepared by the multi-award-winning team Black Bag Roasters. They roast their beans daily in their state-of-the-art facility in the heart of coffee hipster central, Richmond, in inner-city Melbourne. Black Bag’s National Accounts Manager Shane Harold says, “Joe + Cino started with some important decisions made by our bean sourcer, Jack Allisey.” Shane continues, “He has a great relationship with our farmers in Brazil, Honduras and India, where we get the beans for Joe + Cino.” To make the perfect crowd-pleasing coffee, the beans Jack sourced were roasted separately. This is important to ensure the development of those deep dark notes, toasted hazelnut and caramel aromas and a lovely long line of chocolate bitterness that melds perfectly with the natural sweetness of milk and plant-based milks. The roasted beans are then blended, packed and sealed.” Joe + Cino also makes a great full-flavoured espresso or macchiato with a smooth and rich crema,” adds Shane. “But it is important to remember that every batch is hand-roasted separately, cupped and then blended for consistency and quality.”

Is Joe + Cino coffee sustainably sourced?

Shane also points to Joe + Cino’s outstanding green credentials. With customers’ focus on the environment becoming an important part of their lives, Joe + Cino offers the good news that it is Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means that the coffee has been grown by one of 450,000 small coffee growers who work with the environment and not against it. Coffee grows on a bush that is originally a forest species. The Rainforest Alliance encourages farmers to plant their coffee amongst existing forests instead of the devastating clear-felling of forests for plantations. Here it is protected by the forest and becomes part of the forest biodiversity. The Rainforest Alliance also promotes gender equality amongst workers and stands against exploitation of vulnerable workers and child labour.

With all these credentials, great taste and texture, and bona fide provenance from one of Melbourne’s most respected roasters, Joe + Cino is the perfect choice for the modern Australian café.


The perfect blend.

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