Is speed-scratch your new secret weapon?

Using convenience foods to build signature dishes is becoming a popular way to improve consistency, save money and minimise waste, without compromising on creativity.


Clever kitchens and the rise of convenience foods

Casual dining venues are always searching for an edge. The past two years have taught us to remain agile and find clever solutions to an ever-shifting landscape.

Pantry and freezer staples that offer maximum flexibility are now cornerstone ingredients of many savvy venues, with kitchens valuing the reliability and cost-effectiveness of convenience foods.

Importantly, chefs are finding they can continue to build custom dishes and flavours by adding signature touches that elevate ready-to-use products.

Speed-scratch truly offers the best of both worlds.

Why I&J Crispy Battered Snapper is a smart choice

When it comes to looking for ways to incorporate speed-scratch principles into your kitchen, fish-based meals are a good place to start.

Fish can be a tricky menu item, with challenges around seasonal availability, variable market pricing and wastage. Plus, there is real skill required to create consistently tasty, well-presented fish.

That’s what makes I&J Crispy Battered Snapper, new from Simplot Foodservice, such a canny addition to your menu.

These hand cut, hand filleted and hand battered portions feature I&J’s light and crispy batter to evoke an authentic ‘made from scratch’ style, saving valuable preparation time while allowing you to deliver beautifully presented meals with ease.

What are chefs saying about I&J Crispy Battered Snapper?

“I&J Crispy Battered Snapper offers the convenience of pre-prepared, coated frozen fish to deliver a consistent product year-round”, says Executive Chef, David White.

“I&J has selected the very best snapper fillets available, which are then hand cut and battered to produce a superior product that saves you time and delights your customers.”

The 50g portion size offers incredible menu versatility, with I&J Crispy Battered Snapper being ideal for bar snacks, seafood platters, classic fish ‘n’ chips and a wide array of takeaway and delivery dishes.

“Better still,” says White, “being able to use precise portions from the freezer reduces waste, while also delivering a predictable price.”

I&J Crispy Battered Snapper is a sweet and flaky white fish that is sure to be a favourite among Australian diners.

The importance of frozen convenience

I&J Crispy Battered Snapper comes in a convenient 2.5kg carton with 50g portions that are quick and easy to prepare from the freezer. Simply deep fry or cook in a conventional oven and they’re ready to serve.

“Having one quality product in the freezer that can be used for multiple menu options saves you precious space and makes reordering simpler,” says White.

“The 50g portion size means you can decide on the number of pieces you serve for each of your dishes to help manage your food cost and provide flexibility.”

Speed-scratch your way to simpler meal preparation

With a sweet, mild taste and rustic, handmade appearance, I&J Crispy Battered Snapper are a popular addition to any menu. The small portion size is ideal for a wide range of menu applications in sit down dining venues, catering and takeaway.

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