Healthier meals don’t have to be hard work

Getting the nutrients that’s needed on a day-to-day basis is a challenge for even the most dedicated of health fanatics. And yet, we know that nutritious meals help us get the best out of ourselves so that we can live life to the fullest. As for cooks and chefs, time pressures in the kitchen have seen them drawn towards quality convenience products that help meet the needs of the modern diet… all while driving down dish design and preparation time. It’s a landscape that John West understands and is uniquely placed to address.

John West Protein+ makes life easier in the kitchen

Protein+ tuna pouches are new from John West, and they’ve been designed to help you make more of your everyday menu. Simply swap them into your existing tuna or chicken recipes for a fast and effective nutrition boost.

Each Protein+ variety is available in a 1kg shelf-stable pouch and a reduced count of five units per carton. A pouch delivers around 10 servings. There are four Protein+ varieties waiting to be discovered:

  • John West Protein+ Fibre
  • John West Protein+ Omega-3
  • John West Protein+ Calcium in spring water
  • John West Protein+ Calcium in olive oil

Healthiest tuna yet!

All Protein+ tuna varieties are high in protein to support tissue growth and repair (when consumed as part of a healthy eating plan). Calcium, fibre and omega-3 are variously present across the range to support daily health requirements.

For a fast and effective nutrition boost, don’t change what you’re doing; change what you’re using. Protein+ is exclusive in Australia to John West, the leader in responsibly sourced seafood.


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John West Protein+ Calcium in Spring Water