Our top 7 local wines for your spring and summer 2023 drinks list

From the Mediterranean conditions in the west to the cooler climates of the south, Australia offers an immense variation in climate and terroir, making it one of the most iconic wine producing countries in the world.


For a delectable and varied wine menu, discover our top 7 local wines for spring and summer, along with their refreshing tasting notes and delicious serving suggestions.

Australian semillon

Friends of Rufus Semillon

Hunter Valley, NSW.

New South Wales’ Hunter Valley is a hallmark wine producing region of Australia and is fondly dubbed the ‘golden circle’ of semillon production for its high quality soils, and the region has produced one of our favourites for this season – Friends of Rufus Semillon (209897). The steady fermentation technique of this wine has captured stunning and aromatic floral notes for a classic regional expression. With a lower 11% alcohol content, it makes for an engaging and palatable wine for the warmer months that’s oozing with flavours of summer – citrus, lemongrass, green apple and lime leaf. A classic combination with this style of wine would be a local seafood pick, or pay homage to this vine’s French origins with a gorgeous citrus dessert, where some light richness will delicately cut through the bright citrus profile for a rounded pairing.

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Australian chardonnay

Mr. Brown's Posy Chardonnay

Margaret River, WA.

Venturing to Western Australia, the Margaret River region is surrounded by generous coastlines that circulate maritime breezes and a sleek Mediterranean climate. Synonymous with this region are world class modern-style chardonnays that shy away from the stereotypical rich creaminess of traditional styles produced in the decades gone by. Mr. Brown’s Posy Chardonnay (203986) presents a beautifully textural approach with elements of toasted hazelnut, aromatic freshly shaved fennel and delicate orange blossom, balanced by light hints of vanilla pod and citrus fruit. The finessed style of this wine means it’s a great crowd pleaser at special occasions and premium events, offering an indulgent and appetising refresher alongside shellfish, chicken, terrines or pâtés.

Australian pinot grigio

Altezza Pinot Grigio

Adelaide Hills, SA.

For a more understated and elegant offering, cool climate pinot grigio is a smooth option to circulate at functions with its silky texture that stimulates the palate. Altezza Pinot Grigio (208816) hails from the undulating Adelaide Hills in South Australia – a region with cooler nights that form a longer maturation period, thus resulting in a softer flavour profile. Lifted aromas of fresh citrus, apple and peach blossom lead to a generous palate that’s soft yet delicately structured with typical varietal flavours of spiced nashi pear and lychee. A delicious wine for lunchtime soirees with a lighter menu of seafood, salads and chicken.

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Australian red wines

The 1950’s saw a boom in European immigration to Australia, bringing with it a new trend for table wine grapes being cultivated from valley to hinterland. However, it was fortified wines that initially ignited our local wine production, so it’s no wonder that we are well attuned on how to nurture red grapes into exquisite, desirable wines with statement characteristics.
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Australian pinot noir

Shore's Reach Pinot Noir

Mornington Peninsula, VIC.

From the stunning maritime region of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, comes our favourite red wine for summer in the form of Shore’s Reach Pinot Noir (213022). This grape variety is known to be costly to produce due to its delicate nature, so the optimal maritime climate and cool breezes of coastal Victoria helps to steady the maturation period leading to bright and light flavours. Juicy black cherries and dark plum are balanced by persistent acidity and tannins for a full bodied finish that can cannily withstand a soft chill before serving – excellent in the summer heat. Especially delectable with salty and umami flavours, it’s perfect with appetising dishes like olives or beautiful tempura mushrooms with a soy-based dipping sauce. It’s also at a fair price point, offering value for money and longevity on your drinks list.

Australian shiraz

Audacious Shiraz

Barossa Valley, SA.

In contrast to the colder Victorian regions, Barossa Valley is the go-to region for bright, bold and vivacious red wines that are national gems for Australia’s wine industry. Enter Audacious Shiraz (209548) with its classic full bodied style that’s abundant in ripe red berry flavours, underpinned with hints of pepper spice and an oaky character. As Australia’s most popular red wine, shiraz is a staple for your drinks list all year round and pairing it smartly can be a game-changer for your summer menu. The velvety and luscious tannins of Audacious Shiraz come to life alongside big, meaty dishes, such as grilled or barbecued meats, roast dinners and gourmet hamburgers.

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Australian rosé wine

Across Europe rosé is gradually overtaking white wine sales in summer, and so it’s also soaring in popularity with Australians each year. Whether it’s a dry or fruity style, most rosé is highly palatable and light to enjoy as a drink alone, which makes it especially great for circulating at functions and events or for social group bookings due to its laidback style and versatility when pairing with food.
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Australian rosé

Barristers Block Charlize Rosé

Adelaide Hills, SA.

Barristers Block Core Series Charlize Rosé (204581) is a pinot blend that delivers soft and easy-going characteristics of floral spice, almond blossom, rosewater and an abundance of scrumptious summer berries. Its appetising nature makes it easy to pair with almost anything, so venture farther afield to alternative cuisines like Filipino, which hums with a delicate spice that is well known to work against the fruitiness of rosé.

Australian non-alcoholic wine

Having a non-alcoholic table wine is quick becoming a necessity for any drinks list, so that you can provide an inclusive menu suited to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.

Australian non-alcoholic wine

House of Nolo Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc

Padthaway, SA.

House of Nolo Non-Alcoholic Sauvignon Blanc (212753) is our top selection for this season due to its vibrant flavour profile of fragrant pear, passionfruit and white floral characteristics balanced with fresh acidity. It’s great with most vegetarian dishes, but is also well enjoyed alongside white meats with a side of spring veggies or a zingy fresh salad. The small farming town of Padthaway, where this wine is produced, lies on the Limestone Coast and has an artesian water supply and nutrient-rich soils with excellent drainage, turning over 32,000 tones of grapes per year, which makes sauvignon blanc from this region especially valuable on your menu.

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Whatever the meal or occasion, there’s a great Australian table wine to suit any group or plating. Reach out to your local branch and speak to a liquor expert to start getting to know the best regions and wines for your seasonal menu.

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