Lunch ready with Steggles sandwich schnitzel

Steggles is dedicated to innovation aimed at meeting their customers’ needs. Introducing the latest offering for the foodservice channel – the Steggles Chicken Breast Sandwich Schnitzel. This delicious and convenient solution features a delectable golden crumb coating, making it a fantastic addition to menus. No cooking necessary! It comes fully cooked, delivered frozen and once thawed, it’s ‘ready-to-eat’.

Why is Steggles Sandwich Schnitzel a convenient addition to your foodservice menu?

Steggles take pride in their ability to understand the requirements of their foodservice customers – prioritising quality, convenience and deliciousness! That’s why they created the Steggles Chicken Breast Sandwich Schnitzel, uniquely shaped to minimise trimming and eliminate wastage. Furthermore, it comes fully cooked, eliminating the need for additional cooking post-thawing and it ensures a hassle-free and versatile addition to any kitchen routine.

Serving suggestions with Steggles Sandwich Schnitzel

Elevate the deliciousness with some easy ideas using the new Steggles Chicken Breast Sandwich Schnitzel.

Classic chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwich

Savour the simplicity of a classic chicken, lettuce and mayo sandwich. It’s a straightforward, satisfying bite for those who appreciate no-frills deliciousness. For a kick, switch up the mayo with a spice, adding some heat for those who like their sandwich with a ‘heat twist’. 

Chicken Caesar sandwich

Dive into the goodness of the classic chicken Caesar sandwich. For an extra crunch, toss in crispy chopped bacon, making it easier to bite into the sandwich than streaky bacon. It’s a simple yet flavourful choice, perfect for those who appreciate a satisfying, no-nonsense meal with an added crispy twist.

Caprese chicken sandwich

Provide a gourmet experience with the flavours of a caprese chicken sandwich – grill the mozzarella cheese for 20 seconds and top it off with slices of tomatoes. Each bite will deliver a gourmet sensation that transforms this everyday sandwich into a tasty experience!

Chicken parmi sandwich

Serve up the taste of Australia with a chicken parmi sandwich. A helpful hint, spread the sauce on the bread first before adding the chicken to prevent any sliding. This beloved chicken parmi classic is complete with a satisfying crunch, gooey cheese and familiar deliciousness.

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