Mini-jars: the small but mighty way to level up your breakfast offering

Spreads undoubtedly are a top choice among Australians, making up for 92% of their daily breakfast intake. This is massive, and coupled with the fact that breads, toasts or bagels are a preferred base for spreads, it champions an opportunity to drive these breakfast habits outside of their homes!

BegaHoney DPS small

What is so good about mini jars?

Breakfast stations represent the cherry on top for hotel stayers and in-restaurant diners, and what better way to create a delicious Australian breakfast than with Bega’s mini condiment glass jars range.

VEGEMITE Jar 20g 2D Front

Vegemite mini jars: the taste of Australia

Vegemite is an Australian treasure that is enjoyed across breakfast, lunch and tea. Its umami flavour pairs well with avocado, tomato, eggs and cheese (of course!), allowing you to serve up a meal that tastes like Australia. Your guests will be excited by this mini but MITEY 20g jar that is a replica of the iconic yellow label and lid.

B Honey mini jars: honey with a purpose

B Honey is proudly Australian owned and made, consisting of only 100% Australian Pure Honey. The humble honeybee plays a huge role in the pollination of Australian food crops. At present, our Australian honeybees are under a serious threat from the Varroa Destructor, a nasty mite that can decimate bee colonies which in turn, can adversely impact our agriculture industry. Read more about what B honey is doing to protect the bees from this threat at

B Honey Jar 25g 2D Front

Why choose Bega Foodservice's mini jars?

Bega Foodservice is proudly Australian owned and delivers great quality products every day. They are committed to sustainability which is why they have introduced 100% recyclable glass jars in portion friendly sizes. End users love the look and feel of their mini glass jars at the breakfast table. What’s more, Bega’s mini jars can also make for cool collectibles! The local production of Vegemite and B Honey glass jars give end users a sense of connection to the land down under, bringing with them a sense of pride whilst making every day delicious.