Non-alcohol drinks and alternatives

With their popularity and demand increasing, the choices for non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits are now endless.

It’s no secret that going booze-free has increased in popularity over the last few years, particularly among the younger generations. There are several contributing factors when it comes to consumers opting for non-alcoholic drinks, from mental and physical health benefits to financial benefits. While some people may think this is just a passing trend, sales figures from one of the country’s top liquor retailers have seen sales in the zero alcohol category grow more than 150% in the last two years. 

Ultimate non-alcoholic brews

Non-alcoholic beers are one of the most popular alternatives and include pales ales, XPAs, IPAs and lagers. Due to their popularity, many of the larger beer companies have created good quality zero alcoholic beers that still give the same taste and texture. Smaller breweries, especially in Australia, are also getting into the non-alcoholic game producing speciality 0% beers. These are vital to include on your drinks menu to appeal to all customers looking for alternative options.

Mocktails rejoice

Non-alcoholic spirits, such as gin, are also great options as they can still have the botanicals and flavour profiles of the alcoholic version. With similar preparation time involved as a regular cocktail, the traditional flavours can be brought over to produce something quick, easy, delicious and alcohol free.

Celebrate with zero alcohol wines

Sparkling wine and rosé brands are also branching out into the spaces of non-alcoholic production giving light, fruity and fun flavour profiles. A 0% alcohol sparkling wine and cheese board is the perfect combination to serve on your menu for customers who value social occasions without the pressures of drinking.

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