3 standout non-alcoholic drinks for autumn and winter 2023

Whether it’s for wellness, flavour or ethics, having 0% alcohol substitutes on your drinks list continues to be a key trend for 2023.

Our top 3 non-alcoholic drinks for autumn and winter cover multiple categories and offer something for everyone. Find out how to utilise these within your seasonal menus.

0% beer

Great Northern Brewing Co. Zero Lager


By going through an alcohol removal process, Great Northern Brewing Co. Zero Lager (197612) maintains its classic beer flavour. Balanced sweetness, subtle bitterness and a crisp finish, make this a palatable non-alcoholic beer option. Its fruity aroma is enjoyable with classic bar snacks, like spring rolls, fried chicken, salted nuts or jerky.

197612 Great Northern Zero 330ml
200057 Lyres Non Alcoholic Amaretti 700ml

0% spirits

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Amaretti

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Amaretti (200057) has been inventively crafted to capture the essence of a nutty amaretto liqueur. Containing 0% alcohol, this premium spirit is strong in almond on the palate with a tangy spice and hints of candied vanilla. There is a medium sweetness that’s balanced by the slight bitterness of natural almonds. Like a classic amaretto, this spirit can be enjoyed as a digestive on ice, or in cocktails like an amaretto sour. It’s also fabulous served with dessert – our pick is orange crostata or chocolate orange fondues.

0% wine

Bottega 0 Non-Alcoholic
Sparkling Rosé


Sweet fruity flavours and floral aromas make Bottega 0 Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé (204091) a bright and colourful statement-making bottomless brunch addition. Made from carefully selected grapes in the Piedmont region of Veneto that are well balanced in sugar and acidity, they are then de-stemmed and softly pressed to obtain a must that is refrigerated to prevent alcoholic fermentation. Added CO2 ensures a light effervescence. Perfect with elegant patisserie or a vibrant cheese board, the lively fizz cleanses the palate with every bite.

Get the recipe:
Apple rose tart

204091 Bottega 0 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose 750ml

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