Our favourite non-alcoholic drinks for spring and summer 2022

Featuring only the finest 0% wines and spirits, we’ve compiled this season’s top non-alcoholic drinks.

Take a look at their flavour profiles and ideal food pairings to help you build the perfect seasonal menu for spring and summer.

0% Spirits

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic
Dry London Spirit

Whether you’re looking to provide 0% alcohol options on your drinks menu, or just some low ABV options, Lyre’s range of non-alcoholic spirits masterfully infuses the classic flavours of their traditional alcohol-based counterparts. Lyre’s Dry London Spirit (200063) takes inspiration from London dry gins, with robust flavours of juniper, citrus and a warm pepperberry finish. Serve as a classic gin and tonic, or utilise within your cocktail menu for low sugar, low alcohol creations.
200063 Lyres Non Alc Dry London Spirit 1
204091 Bottega 0 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rose 1

Sparkling wine

Bottega 0 Non-alcoholic
Sparkling Rosé

Raise a toast to alcohol-free fun. No matter the reason why some of us may choose not to drink, the Bottega 0 range of sparkling wines has expertly instilled a controlled level of CO2 for authentic effervescence. Light, fruity and fun, the flavour profile of Bottega 0 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé (204091) pairs well with cheese boards, and is thoughtfully designed to suit any celebration or occasion throughout the social season – without the pressure of drinking.

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