The outstanding benefits of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine

For the past few years the trend for Mediterranean food has swept the globe with ever increasing momentum. Its popularity not least due its deliciousness and endless variety.

The big bonus, in addition to the undeniable yum factor, is the scientific evidence that a Mediterranean diet is quite simply, excellent for your health. The comprehensive research to date indicates overwhelmingly that the Mediterranean diet is a health all-rounder, promoting longevity, digestive health, heart health and, as recent research suggests, improved brain health. Happy heart, happy gut, happy mind. Variety, seasonality and freshness are the core values; with a focus on plants (vegetables and legumes), seafood, wholegrains, dairy, nuts, a little meat and good oils.

Enter Casa De Mare, a comprehensive range of premium dips, preserved vegetables, pickles, and pesto’s, embracing Mediterranean ingredients, flavours and traditional methods of preparation. Fresh, convenient, versatile and, best of all produced in Australia – providing the building blocks for creating a bespoke Mediterranean-inspired menu. The carefully crafted range embraces the beating heart of the Mediterranean lifestyle – variety, freshness and seasonality. Taking Australian produce at its peak, flavour and goodness are then locked in using tried and true methods, including traditions of preserving and pickling. Ready to go in handy, stackable 2kg tubs, the range is developed with commercial adaptability in mind. Simple, tasty, cost effective and convenient – saving valuable kitchen prep time whilst elevating dishes to new heights of deliciousness. Designed to dovetail, the products in the range can be used in various complementary combinations to build desired flavour profiles.

Fresh Mediterranean-inspired dips

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When is a dip not just a dip? When it is so much more than the sum of its parts – dip, spread, smear, layer, dollop, dress – you’re limited only by imagination. No longer the sidekick or the afterthought, dips are stepping into the light, and the Casa De Mare premium range encourages this creative colour outside the box approach. Inspired by la dolce vita, the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle, an attitude responsible for the birth of a rich and enduring culinary tapestry – good food, always savoured and often shared.

The range is exponentially adaptable making designing dishes easy, whether featured as a hero moment or a foundational base note. From barside tapas to alfresco breakfasts, a panini on the go, share plates, dinner for two or ten. Think succulent grilled meats on a creamy pillow of hommus (174068) or eggplant (174076); an eggy brekky flatbread paired with an earthy beetroot dip (174081); or elevated pizza, pastas, toasties and sandwiches with a dollop of black Kalamata tapenade (173274) and some Persian fetta (192537). Grazing plates become ridiculously simple without sacrificing quality and taste, and an order of chips (wedges, potato home fries, crunchy sweet potato, crispy eggplant or zucchini) becomes so much more with the addition of a sassy side of avocado dip (174079) or caviar taramasalata (174075), or go all the way with a show stopper Mediterranean-inspired loaded fries.

Traditional preserves & antipasto

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Companions to the dips in the Casa De Mare range are the pickles, pesto’s and olive oil preserves. Equally versatile, they are created using traditional methods. Preserving foods generally means to extend the longevity and usability by inhibiting the growth of aerobic bacteria, it also serves to change and enhance the flavours. Foods preserved in olive oil are rooted in traditions stretching back to Roman times and beyond, where spring and summer bounties were prepared (cooked, salted or acidified) and then packed in olive oil, ready to enjoy year-round. Pestos are believed to have their origins in ‘moretum’ – a Roman paste made with aromatic herbs, cheese, vinegar and salt. By the Middle Ages this had evolved into a walnut and garlic paste favoured by sailors, who believed it contributed to good health on long sea voyages. Pickling, another age-old practice, involves fermentation using a salty brine (lacto-ferment), converting starches and sugars into acids resulting in a distinctive tart tang. The high level of probiotics that result from lacto-fermentation are great for gut health and are also delicious, providing a punchy contrast to more mellow or creamy dishes.

In keeping with the ethos of fine Mediterranean food, Casa De Mare is Australian produced from premium ingredients. Honouring the best of the Mediterranean whilst offering convenience, freshness, year-round availability, halal prepared and gluten-free. We may not be able to embrace all the nuances of a Mediterranean lifestyle, but we can take inspiration. Honouring moments in time that create convivial dining experiences where good food is enjoyed in great company.

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