Our top 5 local red wines for autumn and winter 2023

There’s nothing like a warming red to comfort your customers in the colder seasons.

Discover the best flavour pairings to accompany our top 5 local red wines for autumn and winter along with their tasting notes.

Cabernet sauvignon

Wine in a Glass Stemless Cabernet Sauvignon

South-East, AUS.

Dry and full bodied, Wine in a Glass Stemless Cabernet Sauvignon (190670) is the perfect solution to catering events and venues where glass may be prohibited. Made from 100% food grade PET that seamlessly replicates the experience of drinking from a glass, creating an elevated event experience. Savoury notes of black peppercorns combine with rich flavours of cherry and blackcurrant, making this an ideal pairing with the indulgent fattiness of roasted duck. Hints of violet and vanilla create a lifted and aromatic finish on the palate.

190670_WIAG Single Serve Stemless Cabernet Sauvignon
209550 Audacious Merlot DE medium e1678318814281


Audacious Merlot

Barossa Valley, SA.

Juicy black cherries and plum with delicate lifted floral tones make Audacious Merlot (209550) light, yet rich and engaging. Lingering oak spice and soft silky tannins provide a complex and lengthy finish on the palate. Beautifully caramelised nightshade vegetables like roasted peppers, zucchini and eggplant add a herbaceous edge that cuts through the rich fruity flavours of this merlot. Similarly, lighter meats and lightly spiced red meats allow the wine to flourish on the palate.

Pinot noir

Barristers Block Pinot Noir

Adelaide Hills, SA.

Nurtured over a long ripening period, Barristers Block Pinot Noir (204521) is made from cooler climate Adelaide Hills vines that are bright in colour and style. Elegant red berry fruit flavours are prominent, with understated secondary tones of smooth clove aromatics and caramel. Matured in French oak hogsheads, this process minimises oak contact for lower influence on the end flavour profile. Additionally, the large surface area of these casks impart velvety tannins, creating a smoother texture with hums of earthiness. The graceful style of this wine is gorgeous when enjoyed alongside the delicate flavour and tenderness of game meats. Pair with a rustic veal parmigiana, or terrine served with rustic bread and pickles.

204521 Barristers Block Pinot Noir
204600 62 Above Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot small 2

Red blend

62 Above Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Western Australia, AUS.

62 feet above sea level on Australia’s west coast, the cooling Southern Ocean winds blow, shaping the perfect conditions to produce ripe and fresh grapes that craft the unique taste of 62 Above Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot (204600). Bold and bright flavours of cassis and mulberry are refined with a touch of French oak and silky fine grained tannins. A benchmark cab merlot blend, its robust style is best enjoyed alongside rich meaty dishes, like filet mignon, pork loin or roasted lamb seasoned with garlic and rosemary.


Nowhere Road Shiraz

Clare Valley, SA.

This elegant, yet powerful shiraz displays aromas of dark berry, violet and warm spice on the nose. The palate offers rich red fruit intensity and a touch of dark chocolate, with integrated toasted oak and seamless tannins, for a complex and lingering finish. The rich, warm characters of Nowhere Road Shiraz (206072) pair well with hearty thick steaks or a beautiful lamb ragu. Elements of white pepper, that are present in this wine, marry well with lightly spiced dishes like Mongolian beef or Shizhou Nirou (Sichuan boiled beef).

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Shizhou Nirou

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As seen in autumn/winter 2023

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