The best local red wines for spring and summer 2022

Fire up your summer menus with an equally vibrant red wine offering.

Explore our top local red wines for spring and summer in 2022 and use their flavour profiles and food pairings to help curate your seasonal menu.

Alternative Series Montepulciano copy min

Alternative red varietals

Haselgrove Alternative Series Montepulciano

McLaren Vale, SA.

Bayleaf, summer berries and star anise engulf the palate with a celebration of vibrant acidity and crisp tannins in Haselgrove Alternative Series Montepulciano (187006). A good montepulciano is the result of long maturation to draw out the fruit flavours, and can even be served chilled for a true summer refresher. Serve alongside classic Italian dishes such as bolognese or ragu for a savoury contrast.

Cabernet sauvignon

Capel Vale Regional Series
Cabernet Sauvignon

Margaret River, WA.

The exquisite Margaret River region is renowned for their premium wines and delightful climate. Warm, dry summers produce optimal growing conditions for cabernet sauvignon grapes, leading to luxurious wines with soft tannins. Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon (193574) has a velvety finish that works wonderfully with regional hard cheeses, which have been produced using traditional farmhouse techniques within WA’s Mediterranean climate and luscious green pastures.

193574 Capel Vale Regional Series Cabernet Sauvignon min
170359 Haselgrove Wines Fortified The Old Nut min


Haselgrove 'The Old Nut' Fortified Wine

McLaren Vale, SA.

Infused with flavours of brandy, Haselgrove ‘The Old Nut’ Fortified Wine (170359) is a secret blend of rich McLaren Vale fruit that has been kept discrete since 1981. The Haselgrove winery is a 5-star facility surrounded by shiraz and cabernet sauvignon vineyards, and has a history of Italian-Australian influence that has ingrained a strong knowledge of red wine varietals. The richness of ‘The Old Nut’ holds up with hearty dishes such as grilled or braised red meats, to be enjoyed al-fresco in the summer sun.


The Hedonist Grenache

McLaren Vale, SA.

A superb balance of natural acidity, texture and tannins can be credited to the optimal climate experienced in McLaren Vale, making The Hedonist Grenache (192269) a luscious, high quality wine to enjoy. With abundant rich fruit flavours and a medium acidity, this wine is easy to pair with spicy foods, whilst still letting the grenache flavours shine through. The full bodied texture is a perfect match with a smooth and zazzy beef massaman curry or lamb shank korma.

192269 Hedonist Grenache min
193572 Capel Vale Debut Malbec min


Capel Vale Debut Malbec

Geographe, WA.

Fire up the ‘parilla’ and enjoy an open grill of Argentinian-style barbecued beef. The smoky end notes of Capel Vale Debut Malbec (193572) work harmoniously with charred red meats. The soft and fulfilling flavours of this Australian malbec are lengthy on the palate with an abundance of rich plum, raspberry, liquorice and spice.


Serafino Black Label Merlot

McLaren Vale, SA.

From the expert connoisseurs behind the Mediterranean varietals of Serafino wines, comes a refined French style merlot. Serafino Black Label Merlot (178744) has flavours of mulberry spice and blackberry, tuned with fine grained tannins and a graceful finish. Pair with the rich and tender taste of veal, or elevate with a distinctive blue cheese.

178744 Serafino Black Label Merlot min
179054 Rustic Bay Pinot Noir small e1663213763768

Pinot noir

Rustic Bay Pinot Noir

Mornington Peninsula, VIC.

From the Mornington Peninsula to Heathcote, Rustic Bay sources its grapes from some of Victoria’s best growing regions to present a range of classic and quality Australian wines. Rustic Bay Pinot Noir (179054) is a deep earthy red colour with sweet red fruit flavours and lifted herbal aromatics. Soft tannins and balanced acidity cut through rich fatty dishes like confit duck with glistening roasted vegetables.

Red blends

Scarpantoni School Block
Shiraz Cabernet Merlot

McLaren Vale, SA

With an Italian heritage at its core, Scarpantoni School Block Shiraz Cabernet Merlot (170223) is an expert red blend that takes the best of three different grapes for a well-rounded McLaren Vale fusion of flavours. Ripe dark fruits and inklings of chocolate lead to a full-bodied wine with a smooth finish. The end result is strong and distinct, and works with hearty dishes, such as bolognese or caramelised vegetables. To contrast, a serve of mixed tree nuts cuts through the fruitiness and lingers the appetite.

170223 Scarpantoni School Block Shiraz Cabernet Merlot min
Haselgrove Alternative Series Sangiovese


Haselgrove Alternative Series Sangiovese

McLaren Vale, SA.

Sourced from a single vineyard at the base of an escarpment in McLaren Vale, a microclimate of cool conditions and ancient Kurrajong geology provides an elegant minerality and subtle acidity. Lively and bright, a good sangiovese exhibits exuberant bright red fruits. Fresh pomegranate, cranberry and wild strawberries are at the forefront of Haselgrove’s Alternative Series Sangiovese (187007), with a soft earthy and savoury spice undertone. Pair with equally bright, tomato based dishes, such as saucy red pastas and pizza.


Mt Yengo 'Vine of the Earth' Shiraz

South Australia, AUS.

Mt Yengo ‘Vines of the Earth’ Shiraz (206745) features striking label artwork by indigienous artist Professor Wayne Quilliam, whose focus is the ‘evolution of spiritual connection [to Mother Earth] in a contemporary world’. A similar philosophy can be said of the wine, whose production is so intrinsically linked to the soil and climate that nurtures the vines to maturity. South Australia has a stunning seasonal climate that is instrumental in the growth and production of excellent shiraz. This particular product is full-bodied yet mellow, with velvety tannins and a crimson purple hue. Spicy forest berries contrast with savoury, warm hints of vanilla bean to create a mellow finish that makes this easy to enjoy all year round with a variety of food pairings. When pairing, stick to local red meat dishes, such as the luscious meatiness and robust flavours of barbecued beef brisket.

Mt Yengo Shiraz
177740 Hedonist Tempranillo min


The Hedonist Tempranillo

McLaren Vale, SA.

The Hedonist Tempranillo (177740) is produced along the southern Fleurieu Peninsula in McLaren Vale. The rolling hills and clay loam soil are well-suited to viticulture and support moderate vine growth. This helps in greater control for tempranillo varietals, whose name comes from the Spanish term ‘temprano’ to mean ‘early’. With their deep dark colour and thick skin, this wine sings earthy liquorice notes with an abundance of dark fruits and cassis. The savoury tones of this wine are best enjoyed with the saltiness and rich fats of traditional cured meats. Stay close to tempranillo’s rich Spanish origins by enjoying alongside a selection of tapas, chorizo and jamón.

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