Respect the chip!

Supa Crunch® Ultrafast 10mm

Edgell Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm chips really are Supa in delivering incredible mouth-watering taste and texture that will delight your customers every time. Made from 100% quality Tassie-grown potatoes, isn’t it time you made Edgell’s signature chip your signature chip too?

Edgell's unique Supa Crunch signature batter

Edgell Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm chips are famous for their:

  • Thin cut that delivers the perfect balance to potato to crunch
  • Fast cook time which is ideal for high turnover kitchens
  • Great hold time of 30 minutes
  • Ability to stay HOT and CRISP!
It’s all about the taste, hold and crunch and they are Aussie grown! They tick all the boxes for those wanting a signature chip on their menu.

Why choose Edgell?

Edgell champion’s Aussie Grown veg. Since 1926, when Gordon Edgell planted his first crop in Bathurst NSW, we’ve known the value of choosing Aussie grown produce, supporting Aussie farmers and delivering on great quality products.

It's the chip preferred by savvy chefs says Simplot's Executive Chef

According to Simplot executive chef David White, Edgell Supa Crunch delivers the perfect balance of crunch and flavour.

“Put simply, it’s perfect for establishments looking for a signature chip on their menu.”

White says the superior hold time of the Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm coating helps the chips retain both the heat and crunch, which eliminates customer complaints about soggy, cold chips.

“Its 10mm profile means it’s our most versatile chip cut option and can be used in a variety of applications from plate service to takeaway,” he adds.

Whether it comes to taste, crunch and hold time, Supa Crunch Ultrafast 10mm ticks all the boxes.

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