Our top 4 seasonal standouts for liquor in autumn and winter 2023

Create a comforting menu for the colder months with our 4 seasonal standouts for liquor and their food pairings.

These iconic duos have something for everyone and cover every dining course.
With seasonally apt ingredients, these pairings make for a true flavour sensation.

1. Audacious Cabernet Sauvignon & roasted duck confit

The brilliant depth and concentration of Audacious Cabernet Sauvignon (209549) presents a vibrant and full bodied palate. Blackcurrant and blackberry flavours are in abundance, along with nuances of chocolate-mint, cassis and a hint of French oak for a broad and palatable finish. The flavours of this varietal come to fruition when paired with complementary foods that further highlight the depth of this wine. Serve alongside the umami flavours of beautifully roasted duck with hearty winter vegetables, complete with a rich jus.

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2. Bottega Pistacchio Liqueur & Mexican pots de crème

Bottega Pistacchio Liqueur (170386) is made from Italian grown pistachios that have been harvested from the foothills of Mount Etna in Sicily. The localised volcanic soil creates optimal soil fertility that makes for a larger harvest of high quality tree nuts, which beautifully blend down into a luxurious liqueur. Sublime when sipped on ice alongside dessert, or when added to cocktail and dessert ingredients alike. Pair with indulgent Mexican pots de crème for a subtle hit of fresh pistachio crunch and smooth chocolate flavour.

3. Settlers Blood Orange & Chilli Gin & burrata salad with fennel and oranges

A finely crafted artisan gin that taps into the world of new-wave, adventurous gin flavours. Sturdy flavours of juniper and the powerful tang of chilli are packed into Settlers Blood Orange & Chilli Gin (192596). Pair these idyllic elements with the light perfumed aromas of fresh fennel and caramelised oranges in a fresh burrata salad. A perfectly matched vibrant winter pairing that can hold its own against a powerful spirit like this. Suited to a quirky bar menu or engaging winter appetiser dish.

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OLC AW23 Seasonal standouts blog mr browns posy

4. Mr. Brown’s Posy Chardonnay & crispy skinned snapper with Asian broth

Flavours of orange blossom, freshly shaved fennel and toasted hazelnut create a strong structural integrity and roundness in Mr. Brown’s Posy Chardonnay (203986) that can withstand room temperature serves throughout the colder winter months. A long, textural and creamy finish is concentrated in flavour with enough body to accompany a generous winter meal. Lifted aromas of vanilla pod and citrus create a balanced acidity that is well accompanied with a warming Asian green broth with crispy skinned snapper and noodles.

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