Our top 4 seasonal standouts for liquor in spring and summer 2022

Elevate your dining experience with a thoughtfully curated liquor and food menu that works together in harmony.

Our 4 standout liquor and food pairings for this spring and summer cover our top liquor categories for the season, paired with some key menu classics.

1. Settlers Juniper 3 Ways Gin & spiced duck pancakes

The bold and robust flavours of juniper shine through in this aptly named Juniper 3 Ways Gin (192601). By utilising three distilling processes (vapour still, reflux still and pot still), the heroic flavours of juniper are fully macerated and displayed in full. This maximalist flavour is a strong pairing with other rich and indulgent dishes, in particular umami forward duck or pork. Perfect for catering functions or trendy bar menus, spiced duck pancakes finished in a robust cherry sauce are perfect for cutting delicately through the aromatic earthiness of this juniper gin.
Seasonal standout Artisan gin 1
Seasonal standout Riesling 1

2. Nowhere Road Riesling
& grilled split prawns

The zesty acidity of Nowhere Road Clare Valley Riesling (206070) is a vibrant and easy pairing with locally caught prawns, which are known for their hints of sweetness. When grilled and softly caramelised, the scorched split prawns are well-rounded by the chalky minerality of this plucky riesling. The cool climate of the Clare lends itself to drier style wines, and is fast becoming a renowned area for good-quality Australian rieslings. The remote area that this wine originates from, may feel off the grid, but it’s definitely on the map when it comes to beloved wine regions.

3. Rustic Bay Rosé
& regional cheeses

There’s nothing else that embraces the sunshine like an elegant rosé. With smooth cabernet sauvignon at its core, Rustic Bay Mornington Peninsula Rosé (208664) carries a strong blush tone and refined flavour, with delicately sweet undertones. This particular varietal pairs well with locally sourced cheeses. By pairing your wines and cheeses according to local production areas, you are curating a well-considered and thought-out drinks menu that can tell a story about local areas around Australia.
Seasonal standout Rose 1
Seasonal standout Prosecco 1

4. Bottega Gold Prosecco
& bombe alaska

Affectionately known as the ‘glamour sparkling’ Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Brut (170279) has well sought-after DOC status. Hailing from the hilly regions of Tuscany, this sparkling is made from the signature glera grape that is so fondly associated with authentic Prosecco. An understated level of acidity is achieved through this regional expression, thanks to the Mediterranean climate and undulations in temperature. This makes it an easy food pairing for sweet and savoury alike, and is a staple for functions with its signature gold bottle. Pair with opulent bombe alaska for the ultimate celebration and festivities this season.

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