Our top 4 liquor products and their delicious food pairings for spring and summer 2023

Learn the vibrant flavour notes of our 4 seasonal standouts in liquor and how to pair them with beautiful seasonal spring and summer ingredients. From local seafood to iconic Aussie produce.

Whether it’s a group booking, where share platters bring the fun, an alfresco dinner seating or a catered event that calls for bite-sized joys – get inspired for your next seasonal menu with these statement wine and food pairings that will see you through the silly season.

1. Mt Yengo Sparkling White NV
with beetroot cured ocean trout

Mt Yengo Sparkling White NV (209392) has been harvested from the Riverina plains, which were formed by the flow of ancient streams across the remnants of the Great Dividing Range. The region consists of classic Australian red-brown earth, surface loams and limestone, which result in a bright, well-balanced and acidic wine that is excellent alongside locally sourced seafood. Celebrate the silly season by pairing this sparkling with the best of Australia’s native produce, such as beetroot cured ocean trout adorned with vibrant edible flora – from karkalla greens to a sprinkling of finger lime pearls and sensational Davidson plum powder.

Get the recipe:
Beetroot cured ocean trout with native produce

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2. Audacious Merlot
with harissa roasted eggplant

A beautifully light yet rich and engaging wine, Audacious Merlot (209550) has delicate, lifted floral aromatics that contrast with a full palate of juicy black cherries and plum. Developed in the desirable warm climate of Barossa Valley, its surrounding terroir has formed bright, bold flavours that pair well with summer barbie classics. Perfect alongside a myriad of grilled vegetables that are vibrant in colour and flavour, pair it with the flavours of the Mediterranean with a harissa eggplant platter on a bed of labneh or garlic yoghurt. Alfresco dining never looked so good!

Get the recipe:
Roasted eggplant and harissa butter

3. Light of Day Sauvignon Blanc
with salmon ceviche

Bursting with the taste of summer, Light of Day Sauvignon Blanc (212819) contains intense aromas of white peach, citrus and wildflowers that are well-rounded with flavours of fleshy nectarine and passionfruit. A dry finish and fruity acidity make this wine a fun and classy addition to equally vibrant summer dishes. Serve alongside some of your brightest menu items, like crisp citrus salmon ceviche with crunchy tostadas. The tropical flavours of a dish like this will further accentuate the tasting notes of the wine for an exciting dining experience.

Get the recipe:
Zesty salmon ceviche

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4. Shore's Reach Rosé
with spicy tropical prawn cups

Notes of delicate spring florals and creamy honeydew melon sing on the palate in the expertly balanced Shore’s Reach Rosé (213024). Blended down from high quality cabernet sauvignon grapes, minimal tannins create a crisp, yet dry edge to its textural flavour profile. The light, easy drinking quality makes it ideal for events and functions throughout the summer season. Serve chilled alongside jazzy prawn cups, dressed with hits of tropical mango and chilli and stuffed into incredible crispy miniature tortilla shells.

Get the recipe:
Spicy tropical prawn cups

Find more options that are tailored to your venue and seasonal menu by
contacting your local liquor expert.

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