Smashed Peas: The New Smashed Avo

Made using Australian green garden peas, Edgell smashed peas are the perfect brunch option for every menu.

Where are Edgell Australian peas grown?

Harvested young, Edgell Australian peas are grown in the fertile and rich soils of Tasmania, through to the sunny highlands of New South Wales and Queensland – some of the most natural growing regions in Australia!

What are some of the key features and benefits of Edgell Australian peas?

Edgell Australian peas are all natural, Australian grown and a good source of vitamin C and folate. They’re high in fibre and have no added preservatives, flavours and colours.

How do you cook with Edgell Australian peas?

David White, executive chef at Simplot Australia, loves cooking with Edgell Australian Peas as he knows that they are snap frozen at their peak to ensure that they are always sweet and tender.

“They are the perfect addition to some of my favourite dishes, like risotto or fritters, as they add a vibrant green colour, making the dish look fresh and appealing. The fact that they are IQR means I can use as much as I want and put the rest back in the freezer. This means no wastage and saves me time in prep!”


Smashed peas, using Edgell Australian peas, are incredibly versatile, with a tasty yet light composition. Stay ahead of trends and add them to your menu today! Think smashed pea pesto or haloumi and crispy bacon finished with a generous lashing of smashed peas on toast. Or keep it simple with light lemon spiked smashed peas and a poached egg – a match made in brunch heaven!

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Elevate your menu with the flavour and versatility of Edgell Australian Peas.