Our best 4 sparkling wines for autumn and winter 2023

Be ready for the occasion all year round with our top 4 sparkling wines for autumn and winter.

The delicate fizz of sparkling wines work wonderfully with heartier winter meals, cutting through rich, savoury flavours with effortless fresh acidity in every sip. We’ve uncovered some matches made in gastronomy heaven for your seasonal menu.


G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge Non-Vintage Champagne

Champagne, FRANCE.

Made from richly distinct pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier grapes from a tapestry of small villages scattered around the valleys of Champagne in France, G.H.Mumm Cordon Rouge Non-Vintage (178656) has an elegant yet powerful flavour profile. Vibrantly fresh and exuberantly energetic, this complex yet perfectly balanced Champagne has smooth flavours of fruit and caramel, and light aromas of tropical fruits and praline. The powerful finish is at once creamy and effervescent – perfectly equipped for balancing with the saltiness of seafood, whether it be ceviche, salmon roe or fried oysters with a burnt butter sauce.

178656 G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne NV 750ml
170279 Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC 750ml


Bottega Gold Prosecco
Spumante Brut DOC

Veneto, ITALY. Beautifully presented in a gold reflective bottle, Bottega Gold Prosecco Spumante Brut DOC (170279) is a premium prosecco with protected origin status. Hailing from the undulating hills of Tuscany, the Mediterranean climate has nurtured this wine into an elegant and harmonious sparkling with floral aromatics and crisp fruit flavours. Easy to enjoy, this particular prosecco works well with celebratory dinners or bottomless brunches, pairing beautifully with seafood canapés, smoked salmon or eggs benedict.

Sparkling rosé

Barristers Block Poetic Justice
Sparkling Blush

Adelaide Hills, SA.

A fresh, fun and lively sparkling, Barristers Block Poetic Justice Sparkling Blush (204522) is made from single vineyard pinot noir fruit. Lightly spiced strawberries, apple and vanilla combine on the palate for an elegant flavour profile that has been developed through a longer maturation process, which is intrinsic to cooler climate wines. Pair with delectable seafood dishes, like crab, lemon and chilli spaghetti, steamed mussel stew or seared scallops.

204522 Barristers Block Poetic Justice Sparkling Blush 750ml
209392 Mt Yengo Sparkling White NV 750ml

Sparkling white

Mt Yengo Sparkling White Non-Vintage

Riverina, NSW.

A fresh and vivacious sparkling, Mt Yengo Sparkling White Non-Vintage (209392) is crisp and bright enough to take on the robust richness and metallic attributes of classic Sydney rock oysters, dressed with bright and lively finger lime pearls. Other modern and innovative uses for indigenous ingredients are perfectly suited to this wine, which was created with the aim of bringing the values of First Nations People to the forefront of modern Australian communities. Complex fruit characters and a crisp, dry finish on the palate, work well with intrinsically Australian flavours of saltbush tempura or baked ocean trout with a macadamia crumb.

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