Our 4 finest sparkling wines for spring and summer 2022

Start the season off with a fine selection of sparkling wines.

Our top 4 sparkling wines for this spring and summer are lightly effervescent, full of flavour and easily pair with classic seasonal food.


Besserat De Bellefon Brut

Épernay, FRANCE.

With a history spanning almost 180 years, the ‘maison’ of Besserat De Bellefon is steeped in tradition and expertise spanning back to 1843. What makes this brand so unique is its low pressure bottling that maintains the expected level of effervescence, but with a softer mouthfeel that makes this champagne easier to pair with food than many others. A bright bouquet of yellow straw, blossom and honeysuckle quenches the palate in their Besserat De Bellefon Bleu Brut (170272), embracing leaner flavours, such as chicken, citrus or roasted potatoes.

170272 Besserat de Bellefon Bleu Brut min
170273 Bottega Petalo II Vino dell Amore Sparkling Moscato min

Sparkling moscato

Bottega Petalo Il Vino Dell Amore
Sparkling Moscato

Veneto, ITALY.

A delicate sweetness, pronounced by undertones of soft red berries and peaches, is perfected in Bottega Petalo Il Vino Dell Amore Sparkling Moscato (170273). A velvety, elegant finish and aroma’s of rosewater are balanced with a delicate acidity that makes this an easy pairing with indulgent charcuterie boards or tangy spiced chicken. By pairing with savoury appetisers, this low ABV varietal will ease the palate seeing your customers through to dessert with ease and enjoyment.

Sparkling rosé

Barristers Block Poetic Justice
Sparkling Blush

Adelaide Hills, SA.

A lively sparkling rosé with an abundance of personality, featuring hints of spiced berry and orchard fruits. Barristers Block Poetic Justice Sparkling Blush (204522) is cultivated from a single vineyard of pinot noir grapes, and is of premium quality from the Adelaide Hills region. For a sparkling with this level of pizzazz, earthy regional cheeses or protein-rich crustaceans are well suited, with the crisp bubbles cleansing the palate ready for the next bite.

204522 Barristers Block Pj Sparkling Blush min
193560 Capel Vale Debut Sparkling Brut min

Sparkling white

Capel Vale Debut Sparkling White

Margaret River, WA.

Debut wines, like Capel Vale Debut Sparkling Brut (193560), are often exuberant on the palate with a light and fresh flavour, and hints of fruitiness. A traditional brut results in a classic, dry profile that’s crisp and zippy, making this wine a great pairing with the sweet flesh of rich crustaceans – cutting through the saltiness, richness and indulgent texture. Made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, this bright and elegant sparkling is designed for celebrations and special occasions alike, making it perfect for party season.

Seasonal standout

Bottega Gold Prosecco
Spumante Brut

Seasonal standout Prosecco 1

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