12 must-have spirits for any drinks list in autumn and winter 2022

Spirits for all your cocktail pairings and ‘on the rocks’ specialties.

Check out our top 12 spirits for autumn and winter in 2022 and use their flavour profiles and food pairings to help design the perfect seasonal menu and drinks list for your venue.


Bottega Elixir Alpine Herbs Amaro

Of an amber appearance Bottega’s Elixir Alpine Herbs Amaro (201771) is characterised by its fragrant bouquet of rich alpine herbs and delicate notes of undergrowth, reminiscent of musk, blueberries and blackberries. Its flavour has a freshness conferred by the wild herbs which balances nicely between the mint, pleasingly bitter sensations (yarrow) and soft sensations (chamomile). This drink is perfect after a meal, served fresh or with ice and orange zest and is excellent in cocktails and long drinks.

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170395 Giori Brandy Invecchia 23 Year Old small


Giori Brandy Invecchia 23YO

Giori Brandy Invecchia 23YO (170395) is an Italian aged brandy. With a dark golden colour, it has an intense and spicy aroma which is complemented by its soft and round taste with hints of fruit and flowers. Look to pair this drink with venison, as the strong flavours of the brandy will cut through the heaviness of the meat but then combine with the long smooth finish to create an earthy combination.


Hennessy VSOP

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Cognacs, Hennessy has a tradition of producing cognacs of the highest quality. The Hennessy VSOP (179403) is the epitome of balance and class. Every aspect of this cognac is perfectly proportioned and demands to be drunk slowly, unadulterated and savoured. To elevate the flavours of this drink, pair it alongside pork tenderloin with honey glaze, cider braised red cabbage, glazed grapes, charred fennel and pot jus.

170389 Giori Fernet small


Giori Fernet

Fernet is an Italian type of amaro, a bitter, aromatic spirit, with its thick, bitter flavour and spices making it something of an acquired taste. Popular served at room temperature or over ice, or great when mixed with cola. As a digestif, Giori Fernet (170389) is best enjoyed after a meal, so look to drink this after a plate of empanadas.


Settlers Sloe Gin

Settlers Sloe Gin (192594) is ruby red in appearance with an attractive, warm bouquet of berries, lemon, herbal tea and delicate pepper. It opens pleasantly with tart, fresh and zesty flavours, followed nicely by juniper and herbal notes. A finish of ruby grapefruit, raspberry tubes and light citrus peel sees this gin enjoyed best when sipped neat with cheese or blended into a dessert cocktail.

192594 Settlers Sloe Gin small
170384 Antica Ricetta Grappa di Castelli small


Antica Ricetta Grappa di Castelli

Antica Ricetta Grappa di Castelli (170384) is an Italian pomace brandy – an alcoholic spirit produced from the leftover grapes used for making wine. It is an aromatic, neutral spirit with great digestif qualities. Drink it straight or get creative to sidestep its arguably aggressive bite and use it in cocktails, cooking or alongside an espresso. Like all digestifs, this drink is best when consumed after food.


Ambra Limoncello

Ambra Limoncello (178607) lemon liqueur is made from a family recipe using a centuries old process with the very best ingredients and is totally free from preservatives. Owing to its fragrance and fresh taste, it is best served chilled neat as a digestif or as an apéritif mixed with tonic or soda. A serving of beautifully garnished bruschetta or caprese salad would pair well with the refreshing and crisp qualities of this drink.

178607 Ambra Limoncello 500ml small


Bundaberg Rum UP 37%

Bundaberg Rum Underproof 37% (179489) is an Aussie classic. It’s made from 100% Queensland sugar cane and aged for a minimum of two years, it’s been a much loved rum in Australia since it was first produced in 1888. With evocative flavours of molasses and caramel, this spirit pairs well with steak as the grilled flavours of the meat enhance the unique woody and caramelised nuances of the aged spirit.


Settlers Blood Orange & Chilli Gin & Tonic Cans

Settlers Blood Orange & Chilli Gin & Tonic Cans (197818) are a ready-to-drink product (RTD) which mixes the perfect amount of tonic water to buoy the spice of its chilli. To further enhance the flavours of this drink and attenuate the blood orange’s tartness, look to pair this RTD with less acidic fruits like apricots, figs, strawberries, lime, lemon, mango, apples, melon and peaches.

197818 Settlers Blood Orange Chilli Gin Tonic Cans small
183771 Bottega Bianco Vermouth small 2


Bottega Bianco

The Bottega Bianco Vermouth (183771) has a full, rich and definitive taste that synthesises the distinctive traits of both Veneto and Piedmont – creativity, innovation and winemaking tradition. Velvety and charming on the palate, its intense and fresh aromaticity recalls its citrus bouquet with a pleasantly sweet note. Best served cold, pure, on the rocks or with lemon zest, this vermouth is ideal as a base for cocktails and is also a perfect match with spicy chocolate.


Eristoff Original Vodka

Eristoff Original Vodka (179254) is based on Prince Eristoff”s original personal recipe of 1806 and is made from 100% pure grain. The charcoal filtering of this gives it a clean and crisp taste which is complemented with hints of green apple and a smooth, creamy aftertaste. This vodka pairs well with tapas-like meals such as caviar, pickled fruit and vegetables, blinis, salted mackerel, herring and piroshki.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey

As the largest selling Irish whiskey in the world today, Jameson Irish Whiskey (177890) is produced using unmalted grain. It’s matured in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks for between four and seven years to give it a light and delicate flavour and wonderfully smooth texture. Enjoyed either on the rocks in a large, open glass, or with your favourite mixers, this spirit pairs beautifully with charcuterie boards with cured meats, cherries and cheeses as the smooth, spicy, nutty and vanilla notes of Jameson work brilliantly with the gamey flavours of cured meats.

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