12 statement spirits for autumn and winter 2023

Versatile and diverse, we have a huge range of spirits to discover.

Explore our top 12 spirits for autumn and winter, and their ideal serving suggestions – from mixers and cocktail ideas, to food accompaniments.

Bourbon whiskey

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Named after the ancient buffalo of the USA who carved paths and trails through the land centuries ago, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (179205) is intrinsically American and has been produced for more than 220 years. Aromas of vanilla, molasses and mint are followed by notes of brown sugar and spice with a dry finish. It’s this understated menthol quality that makes this bourbon smooth to drink simply on ice or in any classic whiskey cocktail. Go all out with an equally hearty meal to serve with this tipple. For a true American more-ish dish, serve with a pile of smokey pulled pork with all of the trimmings.

179205 BurbonWhisky
192598 Settlers Coriander Leaf Gin


Settlers Coriander Leaf Gin


Founded on a love of botanical flavours, Settlers unveils a world of new-wave gin flavours. Settlers Coriander Leaf Gin (192598) was made for vibrant food pairings. Synonymous with Asian cuisines, this statement gin is built for bar snacks and fusion menus, working seamlessly against classic Thai and Vietnamese dishes, such as pho, banh mi or pork and vermicelli noodle salad. Its light, green flavour shines even brighter in a simple gin and tonic, garnished with sliced lime and cracked black pepper, or in a variation of a classic gimlet cocktail.


Giori Grappa La Novella


Giori Grappa La Novella (170400) is made from a blend of specially selected single-grape varieties that are native to Trentino, contributing to the unique perfume of this remarkable cuvée. Derived from an excellent vintage, it has been guaranteed by Trentino’s governing body for grappa (l’Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino). As a digestif, its distinctive taste and palate cleansing qualities make it a delicious accompaniment to a lot of food. Italian gelato with nutty flavours like pistachio or chocolate are an obvious choice, along with a variety of pastries, fruit bavarois and panettone, for its aromatic and nutty base flavour.

170400 Giori Grappa La Novella 700ml
177890 Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml

Irish whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey


Jameson Irish Whiskey (177890) has been triple distilled for extra smoothness, before aging in oak casks for a minimum of four years to impart flavours of vanilla, spices and nuts. Enjoy on the rocks alongside a charcuterie board of cured Italian meats, dark cherries and soft cheese. This whiskey is also great in a classic highball cocktail due to its subtle honey undertones.


Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur


Invented in Jamaica in the 1940’s, Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur (177958) is made from Jamaican white rum, Arabica coffee and Madagascan vanilla. Using cold brew extraction for the coffee maintains its full bodied, rich, roasted taste that combines with the soft, velvety notes of the vanilla and the warmth of the rum. It’s said that Tia Maria was in fact used in the first espresso martini recipe and is still favoured by many bartenders for its more understated sweetness. It also works brilliantly in affogato and tiramisu desserts, or a white Russian cocktail.

177958 Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur 700ml
179449 Ouzo 12 700ml


Ouzo 12


Originating in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul) in 1880, Ouzo 12 (179449) has maintained its original recipe for centuries, cementing itself as ‘the number 1 ouzo brand in the world’. A unique blend of aromatic fruits, herbs and seeds were combined in the Kaloyannis Distillery in ‘barrel 12’, inspiring the iconic name and creating this traditional aniseed-flavoured spirit. Conventionally enjoyed as an aperitif on ice with a splash of water, serve alongside seafood mezedes like sagnaki shrimps, octopus and sardines, or a smoked aubergine salad.


Bundaberg UP Rum & Cola


Made from 100% Queensland sugar cane, Bundaberg UP Rum & Cola (178635) contains powerful molasses that contribute towards a strong caramel flavour. This bold flavour is further energised against the sweetness of cola and the tang of freshly squeezed lime. Perfectly balanced and ready to drink, customers will enjoy this vibrant beverage against the pzazz of jerk chicken with charred mango salsa.

178635 Bundaberg Original Rum Cola 375ml
177599 Kraken Black Spiced Rum 700ml


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum


The Kraken Black Spiced Rum (177599) is a unique blend of Caribbean rums and spices, including cinnamon, clove and ginger. Boldly black and rich, aromas of toffee and a lingering spiced finish are prominent. Enjoyed in a variety of cocktails, including an el carajillo or a lightly spiced twist on a dark ‘n’ stormy. For a flavourful food sensation, pair it alongside pineapple recipes, like Sri Lankan pineapple curry, pineapple cake or sticky pineapple chicken.


De Kuyper Butterscotch Schnapps


A rich, velvety liqueur, De Kuyper Butterscotch Schnapps (177904) contains a soft yet intense flavour that comes from its brown sugar content. With a bright, elegant golden hue, butterscotch schnapps is perfect for layered drinks – not just for its gorgeous colour, but also because the high sugar content will sink to make up a clear layer at the bottom of your mixed creations. The sweetness also works well to cut through sharp apple flavours by adding a measure to hot apple cider drinks. It’s also fantastic in alcoholic puddings or sweet sauces drizzled over your favourite dessert dishes.

178001 Monkeys Shoulder Scotch Whiskey

Scotch whisky

Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky


Blended from a selection of Speyside’s three finest malts, Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky (178001) has a distinctively fruity and rich flavour profile that is excellent in a variety of cocktail recipes. Mellow vanilla and sweet spices are rounded out by aromas of sherry, cinnamon spiced pears, butterscotch, barley and strawberry. Hints of citrus, mint, oak and orange peel finish on the palate. Serve it mixed with ginger ale and a fresh orange slice, or shake it up in a Rob Roy cocktail. On bar menus, sticky pork ribs are a great accompaniment, as are decadent dark chocolate desserts.


Patrón Añejo Tequila


Oak wood, vanilla, raisins and a hint of honey – Patrón Añejo Tequila (179013) has been aged for over 12 months in oak casks to impart these warming amber flavours along with a hint of smokiness. Made from only the finest 100% weber blue agave, this premium spirit can be served simple and neat, or stirred down into a tequila old fashioned cocktail. For food pairings, the rich taste works with after dinner chocolates. Alternatively, serve alongside citrus-dressed scallop ceviche – the citrus tang will cut through the smokiness of this spirit to refresh the palate.

179013 PATRON Anejo Tequila 700ml
179185 Grey Goose Premium French Vodka 700ml


Grey Goose Premium French Vodka


Grey Goose Premium French Vodka (179185) is distilled from the finest French wheat and Gensac spring water from the Cognac region, which is naturally filtered through Champagne limestone rocks. Delicate floral aromas, and a lightly sweet and clean flavour, make this the perfect vodka for a crisp vodka martini with a twist of lemon. Serve at the bar with salted fish appetisers or a cubano sandwich complete with pickles.

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