16 essential spirits for your liquor menu in spring and summer 2022

Stir, shake or serve on the rocks, our top 16 spirits for spring and summer in 2022 are here for the fun.

Discover the flavour profiles behind our top picks this season, and find out how to pair up with food for a diverse bar menu.

Amaro, bitters & digestifs

Bottega Elixir Amaro with Alpine Herbs

An Italian delicacy dating back centuries to the Benedictine monks, who first experimented with infusing liqueurs with a curated blend of botanicals. Bottega Elixir Amaro with Alpine Herbs (201771) is a unique blend of 30 botanicals, including alpine herbs, flowers, spices and berries. Fresh with a strong personality, it has intense and persistent notes that are the result of a long spanning tradition. Best served after a meal to aid in digestion and cleanse the palate.

179381 St Agnes Vs Brandy 1


St Agnes VS Brandy

St Agnes VS Brandy (179381) is a double distilled, pot-still brandy made from a specially crafted base of wines. VS refers to the 2 year maturation period, which has taken place in small oak casks for a filtered and pure finish. As a result of this smooth flavour, this brandy pairs well with rich dairy-based dishes, such as decadent cheeses or a chocolate mousse dessert. Alternatively, add this to your pantry staples for cooking purposes, to flambé desserts or braise meat.


Hennessy VS Cognac

Distilled from ugni blanc grapes for their high acidity and slow maturation, Hennessy VS Cognac (179413) is double distilled to produce their eaux de vie. The heart of the distilled result is then aged in new oak barrels to create a bold and fragrant end product. The flavour profile results in an exuberant, toasty and fruity cognac that is beautiful to feature in cocktail creations, or simply on ice to accompany with food. Pair with pâtés, terrines or cured meats to enable the tannins of the cognac to cut through the rich fattiness of these dishes.
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Yuzu copy


Settlers Yuzu Gin

Perfectly refreshing for the summer months, Settlers Yuzu Gin (192599) is an alternative take on a classic dry gin by introducing the unique flavour of Japanese yuzu. This citrus fruit packs a powerful zing and racy aromatics, making it an ideal flavour enhancer to crudo seafood and sushi plates. Like many gins, there are multiple options for serving suggestions, from a simple tonic mixer, to a dry martini or a zesty cocktail.


Antica Ricetta Grappa Di Castelli

Grappa (meaning ‘grape stalk’) is an Italian, grape-based pomace brandy that is distilled from the by-products of grapes after winemaking. Antica Ricetta Grappa Di Castelli (170384) is unaged with strong aromas and amazing clarity, and is excellent as an after dinner digestif. Serve at room temperature with a side of pistachios, or utilise in cocktails for a subtle grape flavour.
170384 Antica Ricetta Grappa di Castelli small
178607 Ambra Limoncello 500ml small


Ambra Limoncello

Based on an authentic Italian family recipe, Ambra Spirits was founded in Australia and uses Australian produce, without any preservatives, to form their recipes that span back generations. Ambra Limoncello (178607) is a premium lemon liqueur that’s best served cold (but not on ice) with or after dessert as a digestive. The light and refreshing profile is the perfect finishing touch to polish off a social summer dinner.


Barbaresso Ouzo

Barbaresso Ouzo (179439) is a traditional Greek aperitif with a dry, anise flavour. Serve cold with ice or a dash of water to prepare the palate for a feast of al-fresco mezze in the warmer months.
179439 Barbaresso Ouzo
197819 Settlers Rare Dry Gin Tonic Cans

Ready to drink

Settlers Rare Dry Gin & Tonic

Settlers Rare Dry Gin & Tonic Cans (197819) are a superb choice for a hot summer’s day and have unique Australian flavours of lemon myrtle, orange and native pepper. One of the fastest growing liquor categories across the globe, RTD’s (ready to drink) promise a perfectly balanced drink each and every time. Simply pop and pour, these ready to serve cans can minimise delays in busy service periods and also ensure a good quality serve. The eye-catching can maintains the effervescence of the drink, and thus elevates the flavour profile of the perfectly matched spirit and mixer inside. 


Bacardi Carta Blanca
Superior White Rum 

Specially formulated for use in cocktails, Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum (179504) is the result of 10 years of experimentation to achieve the perfect formula. A light and clean spirit, the rum is aged in oak barrels, and then purified through charcoal to smooth out the flavours of almond and vanilla. Expand your cocktail list with this versatile and classic rum option for impeccable mojitos, daiquiris and more.
179504 Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum
178688 El Jimador Blanco


El Jimador Blanco Tequila 

Hand harvested by Jimadors in the Jalisco region of Tequila in Mexico, El Jimador Blanco Tequila (178688) is distilled from well sought-after blue Weber agave. This particular strain of agave has a higher sugar content and is grown in the rolling hills of Tequila Valley, which is known for its cooling altitude and volcanic soil. This all contributes towards an unrivalled clarity that’s crisp and buzzing with citrus tones – perfect to sip or mix.


Bottega Rosso Vermouth

Bottega Rosso Vermouth (184637) is based on Merlot wine and is fortified with over 30 herbs, flowers and spices. The flavour profile has a dominant bitter effect that is ideal for contrasting with sweetness in a variety of cocktails. On the nose there is an initial shimmer of fresh oranges, with the palate exploring hints of raspberry, and then finishing on a burnt orange taste. This makes this particular vermouth superb in a classic negroni cocktail or served as an aperitif prior to indulging in your spring and summer bar menu.
184637 Bottega Rosso Vermouth min
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Absolut Vodka Blue

Cool, calm and collected, Absolut Vodka Blue (179197) embraces its Scandinavian heritage through its effortlessly smooth and balanced distillation. Made using Swedish water and winter wheat, the refined flavour is sleek with subtle tones of vanilla, caramel and a touch of fruit. Serve with mixers or in your wildest cocktail creations. When served with ice or soda water, vodka pairs well with most bar snacks, in particular salty pickles, caviar or prawn cocktails.

Bourbon whiskey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

It wouldn’t be summer without barbecued and marinated meats, and Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey (179142) is perfectly equipped for partying with these flavours. The sour mash recipe for this bourbon is comprised of predominantly sweet, quality grade corn. Rye adds a hint of robust pepper and spice, whilst the malt smooths out the palate. The mix is then distilled and aged in new American white oak barrels that are charred to impart a smoky flavour and aid in purifying the end product.
179142 Jack Daniels
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Irish whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Aged in oak for 4-7 years in old bourbon and oloroso sherry casks, Jameson Irish Whiskey (177890) then triple distilled and master blended, ensuring a smooth flavour with flickers of nuttiness and spice. The robust piquancy suits gamey flavours, like roasted quail or kangaroo steak. Alternatively, enjoy alongside a decadent charcuterie board with deep cherries and smooth cheeses mixed in to highlight the delicate smoothness and oloroso infusions.

New world whisky

Starward Nova Wine Cask Malt Whisky

Aged in red wine barrels, which have been sourced from local Australian wineries across the Yarra and Barossa Valleys, Starward Nova (178393) contains a signature red berry fruit profile with a textural amber nectar impression on the palate and soft oak spice. Just like a good red goes with a good steak, Starward Nova’s heavy red wine connotations work well with hearty beef meals, such braised beef short ribs, with a side of sauteed onion that will to sing with the caramelised cask-aged tones.
178393 Starward Nova
177884 Chivas Regal 12YO 700ml min

Scotch whisky

Chivas Regal 12yo Scotch Whisky

A perfect blend of Speyside flavours are at the core of Chivas Regal 12yo Scotch Whisky (177884). Sweet characters of vanilla, honey and hazelnut lead to a lingering silky finish, which complements creamy protein-based dishes. Pair with soft cheeses or chicken satay for an easy bar menu pairing. Serve over ice, in a whisky highball, or in a fresh whisky sour for a delicious summer sipper.

Seasonal standout

Settlers Juniper 3 Ways Gin

Seasonal standout Artisan gin 1

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