Your locally sourced spring menu

Placing Australian sourced ingredients in the spotlight of your menus this spring is not only a smart decision for your business, but is also a beneficial step for the seafood industry.

With an increasing amount of awareness surrounding sustainable fishing practices, customers have never been more clued up on the realities of how our food is sourced, and the questions that they should ask if they are taking conscious steps towards making informed purchases.

Pair this awareness with the current economic climate within Australia, and it becomes clear that knowing how you are procuring ingredients for your business is a key factor in not only selling the products on your menus, but telling a story about the business that you run.

This is where prioritising Australian-sourced ingredients comes into play. It goes without saying that we are blessed in this country with the variety and quality of ingredients on offer. In a post-covid society, our self-sufficient island(s) have bounced back in abundance when it comes to successes in the hospitality and foodservice industries. Some of this success may also be down to our embedded sense of ‘mateship’ that is ingrained within our culture – to support our fellow Aussies through the tough times. Whether it be through droughts and floods, we show our appreciation for the gold and green earth that we reside on.

Heading into spring, we look to new beginnings and inspiration on how to curate our menus to suit our customers, whilst also investigating the best possible quality ingredients.

Seafood dishes for spring are a no-brainer. The light texture and flavour, with lean protein and healthy fat benefits, is an appealing option for venues and customers alike as we head into the warmer months.

For great, healthy centre-of-plate options, Local Catch by Seafrost carries a range of thoughtfully sourced and stored seafood, and is perfectly suited to Menu Maker’s selection of predominantly Australian-sourced sauces.

Blog Image King George Whiting

Locally sourced in Australia.

King George Whiting

King George Whiting Fillets (204446 1kg and 193340 2kg) from this range are sourced in the idyllic areas of regional Victoria. Local state fishing standards ensure a sustainable approach, which embraces appropriate seasonality. King George Whiting are available all year around, enabling a steady and sustainable harvest, and consistent quality that ensures a meaty and moreish texture for main dishes. King George Whiting freezes and stores well, locking in the tenderness of its high quality flesh, and cooks well in a variety of methods, from poaching, grilling or pan searing, enabling the natural oceanic flavours to sing on the plate with little need for over thinking.

Pair with a lush green salad on a bed of pulses, and traditional tartare sauce from Menu Maker’s 88% Australian-sourced rendition (195120 1kg squeeze bottle). This gluten-free recipe features Australian-sourced canola oil from the famed ‘grain belt’ in the south of our mainland. Rich flavours of green herbs, vibrant garlic, and refreshing lemon make for an indulgent flavour and texture.

Blog Image King George Whiting Tartare

Crumbed prawns

Demand for prawns remains high across the Asia-pacific region. Slow growth rates in Thailand have driven up the cost of more commonly found vannamei prawns. MSC-certified Local Catch by Seafrost Crumbed Australian Banana Prawns (196235 1kg) are a suitable replacement and are efficiently IQF frozen, which maintains their premium meaty texture and melt-in-mouth flavour. A fine layer of golden breadcrumbs makes this product an ideal addition to your bar snack, appetiser, share plate, or lunch menu – the options are endless.

Pair with 94% Australian-sourced Free Range Whole Egg Mayonnaise from Menu Maker for an indulgent treat that highlights the best of Australia. This classic, gluten-free condiment is available in multiple packaging options, including an easy to use 1kg squeeze bottle (194680), or handy bulk options (194681 10kg and 208153 15kg) so you only have to order once to see you through peak service.

Blog Image Crumbed Prawn Mayo

Locally sourced in New Zealand.

Southern Blue Whiting

New Zealand Southern Blue Whiting (198241) are an MSC-certified population, hailing from the south island, which has been accredited for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. This moist and flaky fish is derived from the cod family, and as such is perfect for light coating or crunchy batters. Easy to prepare and cook straight from frozen, the end result is a delicate protein with low oil content and firm flesh. Ideal for a multitude of light and easy-going fish dishes.

Blog Image Southern Blue Whiting Tartare

Creating the perfect spring dish

A light, flaky fish dish is an obvious staple for your spring menu, and can be made even better with your approach to plating, by selecting equally supreme accompaniments. Find more quality products from Local Catch by Seafrost and Menu Maker on myBidfood.

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