How to take advantage of the takeaway breakfast post-lockdown boom

Takeaway has taken on new meaning after two years of disruption to the in-venue dining experience. No longer just the domain of the local Thai, takeaway meals have been elevated to a category of their own – initially out of necessity for COVID safety reasons but increasingly to enjoy premium food from the comfort of home.

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Takeaway dining in numbers

While raw traffic numbers are still reduced compared to pre-pandemic numbers, the amount the average eater is spending on each meal has increased by almost 15%^, demonstrating that consumers want a quality experience no matter the location. 

Consumers increasingly opting for off-premise ordering means that venues that offer a strong takeaway and delivery service will continue to outperform the rest of the market.

Dinner is the biggest growth driver, however, breakfast is on its way back, with spending gains of 2.7%^ in 2021, when compared to 2020; this trend will only continue to pick up pace as workers adapt to hybrid work and seek out new ways to add variety to their office days. 

What takeaway item are people spending most of their money on?

Where coffee used to be the main takeaway option for cafés, there is now a larger opportunity to capitalise on the grab-and-go market. Sittano’s Bar & Restaurant in Penrith have seen an increase in breakfast traffic. 

Nutella®️ has always been a popular part of our dine-in menu, but since lockdowns in 2020 and ’21 it’s now an integral part of our takeaway menu. Our customers love being able to grab a quick meal with Nutella®️ on their way to work – the waffles with Nutella®️ are a menu favourite,” said Ranee Sitto from Sittano’s Bar & Restaurant.

Why are people choosing Nutella?

Perfect for elevating this grab-and-go occasion, Nutella®️ is a great accompaniment for toast, pastries, waffles, pancakes and morning goods

Ferrero Foodservice offers a range of product options to suit any menu, including single-serve condiments such as portion control Nutella®️ packs or the popular 25g Mini-Nutella®️ glass jar that adds a premium touch. So, create a delicious way for your guests to enjoy breakfast on the go by adding Nutella®️ single-serve products to your menu today. 

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