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Edgell Diamond Cut Chips

You may have heard the whispered rumours about the existence of certain individuals who can withstand the mouth-watering aroma of hot, crispy chips. These extraordinary beings are spoken of in the same breathless, sceptical tones as Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman. Because, no matter the temperature, time, cultural mix or dietary preferences, chips transcend barriers, uniting people in a shared love of simple but satisfying food.  


For many, the tantalising smell of hot chips triggers a flood of happy memories, transporting them back to the innocence of their childhood days. Edgell’s Diamond Cut Beer Battered Chips evoke memories of seaside trips, where time seemed to slow, allowing holiday goers to bask in the luxury of hot, lazy days that ended with them licking salt off their fingers after a hearty meal of fish and chips, enhanced by a gentle sea breeze.  

Trusty chips are tough to beat

Edgell has been one of Australia’s premier vegetable brands for almost a century, forging relationships with farmers across the country and developing a reputation for great taste, quality and value. So, it’s no wonder Edgell’s chips, through their different forms through the years, have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of people’s lives and memories. 


That longevity counts; it’s something consumers can tell when it comes out next to a parma or parmi (depending on where you’re from). It’s the kids’ favourite when it comes next to the meat and veg on a weeknight. It’s tough to beat trust.  

Chips’ superpower

Emotions can play a key role in influencing not only what people choose to eat, but the quantity of food they consume. Savvy chefs can tap into the strong emotions chips invoke to create a powerful marketing tool that will draw customers in and keep them coming back for more.  


Smart strategies can be implemented to maximise the pull of that irresistible smell of hot chips. These include creating open kitchen layouts and strategically positioning outdoor vents so they can tease the tastebuds of diners and passersby alike. Cooking chips in small, frequent batches throughout service hours not only ensures customers’ cravings are met with the freshest, crispiest chips but also maximises the scent of temptation.  

Tasty profit margins

From a business perspective, chips can be a cost-effective menu item as they are usually relatively inexpensive. Margins can be increased even further by using specialty chips that can be prepared as a hero dish in their own right when served with an array of dips, sauces or toppings. By increasing the perceived value of the dish, chips can be offered at a higher price.  


Specialty chips can also be presented as a premium side dish to accompany main meals, providing an upselling opportunity that can lead to increased sales and improved profit margins.  

Cheers to chips

Chips are a perfect companion to a wide range of beverages, from soft drinks to craft beers and wines. With a salty seasoning, chips can increase thirst, encouraging customers to order more drinks, providing a welcome boost to your beverage sales. Offering premium chips with a complimentary drink at a special price can be another great marketing strategy that provides value to the customer whilst increasing sales. 

Signature dish

Whilst there are multiple benefits to having chips on your menu, their popularity can be a double-edged sword. With so many eateries offering hot chips as a side dish or on their own, how can venues make their hot chips the chosen ones?  


Chefs can experiment with a variety of seasonings, from classic salt and vinegar to exotic spices, and create a unique flavour profile. From melted cheese and chilli to gourmet aioli or house-made salsa, the options are virtually limitless. Of course, some product lines, like Edgell’s Diamond Cut Beer Battered Chips lend themselves to customisation. Already coated in a delicious beer batter, these chips are ready for chefs to add their signature seasoning, toppings or dip, to make them their own. 

Given chips’ universal appeal, using them to create a signature chip dish can have several benefits for a food venue. It not only creates a unique talking and selling point on a menu, but it can become associated with the venue’s brand – attracting customers who are keen to try a unique take on a classic and much-loved food. 

A cut above.

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