Meet Australia’s new cheese brand, CHEER

We are very excited to be launching CHEER cheese into the foodservice market. CHEER Cheese enriches everyday moments for Australians, with our signature taste that brightens your morning, noon or night. CHEER Cheese fits into every part of your day and brings that extra little bit of happiness. Whether it’s your favourite Parma, a part of your family’s night out for Mexican or an early morning toastie as you get to work.

Other than the brand name CHEER Cheese, the cheese remains the same with the same taste that Australians have enjoyed for years. The CHEER range is so versatile we have a product range that fits within all of foodservice. From catering slices (96) with a staggered stack that give you extra yield and speed through to unique blend that goes into CHEER Parma blend it will make your next Parmigiana even more amazing. CHEER remains committed to quality and performance ensuring you get the confidence you need to provide quality ingredients to all dishes.

New name, cheese and happiness, they really do go hand-in-hand. Well, we like to think so. But it really is the little things in life like a slice of tasty cheese that brings the biggest smiles. From a hot toastie on a cold morning to a cheesy pasta bake at home, our cheese always brings the happy. That’s why we called it CHEER!

Why not try a crispy chicken Parma using CHEER Parma Blend!