Wild-caught snapper: the perfect menu option

Who doesn’t love a delicious crispy lightly battered piece (or two) of wild-caught snapper? I&J’s Crispy Battered Goldband Snapper Fillets are the perfect menu option and here’s why.

They are hand filleted and hand dipped in I&J's signature batter

Succulent, sweet, wild-caught premium goldband snapper, in a versatile 50g portion, delivers on quality with its delicate flavour and flaky white flesh. Hand filleted and hand dipped in I&J’s signature light and crispy batter to evoke an authentic made-from-scratch style, saving valuable preparation time while allowing you to deliver beautifully presented meals with ease.

Why is goldband snapper important?

Goldband is a very well-known snapper species in Australia. It is a premium species of the snapper family that is delicious with its firm white, moist flesh – compared to some snapper species that can be quite dry.

They are versatile and consistent premium quality all year round

I&J’s Crispy Battered Goldband Snapper Fillets are premium quality and available all year round. They are also IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) which means you can select as many servings as you need, then simply cook from frozen, deep fry or convection oven. 

I&J has been delivering quality and innovation to the foodservice industry since the 1960s.

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