The rich and creamy natural yoghurt

Introducing the delicious plain yoghurt from Emborg

Emborg Plain Yoghurt is made from fresh 100% natural full fat milk. Its smooth and extra thick texture makes it perfect to have on its own or mixed with your favourite ingredients. 

Why Emborg Plain Yoghurt?

This delicious thick and creamy natural yoghurt comes in a convenient 1L pack size with a screw cap. This allows easy pouring and portioning while protecting the product after the initial opening. Emborg Plain Yoghurt has a long shelf life of 12 months, reducing food waste and cost.

Complementing your cooking and baking

Perfect for both hot and cold dishes. Its natural tanginess and fresh yoghurt taste complements both savoury and sweet, creating well-balanced taste profiles. Whether it’s a smoothie, breakfast bowl or baked goods, its high stability makes it a versatile ingredient to add to your everyday menu.

Featured product.

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